Which mattress is better - spring or springless: advice on choosing

According to researchers, a person spends in a dreamalmost one third of his life. But how to make this pastime healthy and comfortable? A significant role in the solution of this issue is the choice of a mattress. Let's try to figure out which mattress is better - spring or polyurethane? And also learn what their differences are, what advantages and disadvantages each model has.

which mattress is better than spring or springless,

Spring mattress with a block offive-turn springs of the "Bonnel" type is considered "classic of the genre". All elements of such a design are in close interaction with each other - when an action on one spring, the whole block comes into motion. Asked which mattress is better - spring or springless, please note that products based on the Bonn blocks are not very comfortable for permanent rest. The entire surface of this mattress flexes, which prevents the spine from fixing in a comfortable position. Its only advantage is an affordable price. Use it better as a temporary place to sleep. For example, if you decide which mattress to buy for a dacha, this option will be your ideal choice. In addition, the spring product is quite noisy. If you sleep uneasily and often turn around in a dream, such a mattress will not let you get enough sleep.

which mattress is better than spring or polyurethane

Deciding which mattress is best - spring orspringless, you can stop on the first option only with the proviso that it will be a product with an independent unit. The difference of this design is that each element is placed in a special cover and acts autonomously, so that the surface of the mattress can take a comfortable shape, perfectly adapting to the contours of your body. Today you can find products on the surface of which are placed from two hundred to one and a half thousand independent springs per square meter. This gives reason to call this mattress orthopedic, as during resting on it the muscles of the human body relax, and the spine assumes a comfortable position. In addition, the product with independent springs is quite democratic value and noiseless in use. Such a mattress can be advised as the main place for sleep, which prevents the violation of posture and associated diseases of the spine.

which mattress to buy
The name of the springless mattress speaks for itselfyourself. In its basis there are no spring blocks, their role is performed by the filler. The material used as a basis, and depends on the convenience of the product and its orthopedic effect. Thinking about which mattress is better: spring or springless, - it's nice to know what types of filler modern manufacturers use.

Products with a latex base are very common.The main advantage of this mattress is that it does not deform, unlike models with polyurethane base, therefore, will last longer to its owner. No less qualitative filler is coconut fiber. True, products with such a padding are very expensive, but the result of a dream on such a mattress will exceed all your expectations. Mattresses on a springless basis are shown for rest to people suffering from impaired posture or pain in the back, they have a very good orthopedic effect on the spine.

As you can see, an unequivocal answer to the question,which mattress is better - spring or springless, - no. You will have to make this difficult choice yourself, focusing only on your own feelings and possibilities.

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