Cabinet Design

The correct design of the cabinet is no less important thanthe design of a bedroom or a hall. At work, a person spends a significant part of the day and should feel as comfortable as possible there. It depends on his performance and the result of labor. An experienced boss knows some subtleties and will necessarily make the interior design of the cabinet as it should.

In the first place, you should think about the colorscale. It should not be gloomy, but it's also not worth choosing very bright. In the first case, she will oppress, and in the second - to distract from work. Neither one nor the other does not need anything. The color of the walls should be warm, monotonous, not striking. It can be soft green, light pink, pale yellow, beige and the like.

cabinet design

Office furniture can be very different. A lot of catalogs will be offered to you in any specialized store. As a rule, choose tables, cabinets and bedside tables of natural color. It always looks harmonious and does not irritate the eye. However, you can choose furniture for the color of the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with flowers.

The design of the cabinet implies not only a combinationstyles and colors, but also functionality. Let's start with the tables. Their choice depends on the specialization of your company. Recently, computer tables have become popular. They differ from the usual presence of a sliding shelf for the keyboard. This is very convenient, given the large number of documents that are usually on the table. The table top should be wide enough. On the table should fit flip calendars, monitor, organizer, folders with documents. All this requires space.

interior design cabinet

Next to the table should be a comfortable chair. It is best to choose special computer chairs. They adjust the height and angle of the back. This is very important, because everyone can customize it for themselves. This will ensure comfort and greater work capacity.

When designing a cabinet design,where folders, files and office supplies will be stored. For the bookkeeping will need more closets, with many shelves. If there is such an opportunity, then consult with the staff. Who as they are not the best they will tell you what exactly they need for work.

And, of course, correct lighting is very important. The fluorescent lamps are best. So you will save the eyesight of your employees and raise their spirits. After all, no one will want to work in the shadows.

design of the director's office

While developing the design of the director's office,you need to know some of its features. The leader is a special person. Visitors often come to him, including important clients. He needs to make a good impression. This will help a solid interior. As a rule, high-quality expensive furniture is chosen for such premises. It can be leather sofas and armchairs, a huge table and so on. If you are not a fan of such furniture, then you can use a modern version of the interior. Tables and chairs can be of different shapes, colors and textures. The main thing is that they combine with each other. In the office of the director there should be a coffee table and soft armchairs or a sofa. All this is for the reception of guests.

The design of the cabinet in this case will not be superfluous to complement accessories. A good impression is produced by reading and writing, awards hanging on the walls or standing on the shelves.

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