Engineering board - the next generation of parquet

A sense of comfort, inner balance andcalmness in our bustling, volatile world largely depends on the environment. At the same time, especially at home, it is often determined by the overall design of the interior. A significant role in this will play used in the finishing materials, including flooring. It is in many cases extremely important in creating a common atmosphere. Therefore, for use in such purposes, the engineering board may be of particular interest.

engineering board
First of all, it's worth paying attention to itthose who use natural materials. Although the engineering board is obtained artificially, natural components are used for its production, except for glue. In fact, these are glued layers of wood, they are perpendicular to each other. There is a two-layer and three-layer board.

In the latter version, each layeris made of hardwood, with a two-layer version, the plywood serves as the base. The top surface is of valuable wood. Its thickness makes it possible to carry out repeated processing (grinding). Being a finishing material, an engineering floor board, for example, can replace a parquet, and because of its multilayeredness in characteristics it will significantly exceed it. This will be manifested in a smaller amount of deformation due to changes in humidity and temperature, as well as in the considerable strength of the entire board and its outer layer.

engineering floor board

With this use, engineering parquetthe board allows for more grinding of its surface and can serve a longer time. In addition, due to the size of the parts, this parquet will be laid with fewer joints. This combination of properties makes it possible to use this material not only in living rooms for finishing the floor, but also in restaurants, cafes and other similar premises.

It should be noted that the engineering board hason the sides of the system is a comb-groove, which allows you to easily assemble an integral surface of individual elements. The picture, texture of the finished floor covering can be decorated with noble wood. Manufacturers produce a wide range of boards with various surfaces, such as almost all types of oak (white, "arctic", "cognac" and others), walnut, teak, etc.

engineering parquet board
A similar board can be laid onany floor, including concrete, the main thing is that it is flat and dry. For leveling, it may be necessary to perform an additional screed. Installation of the board can also be carried out on plywood. For all types of installation for fastening glue is used, manufacturers in many cases recommend using two-component. Due to its characteristics, this board is much better suited for laying on warm floors than ordinary parquet.

Despite the fact that the engineering board -comparatively new material, she managed to prove herself only positively. Possessing greater strength compared to a massive board, better resistance to moisture and temperature effects than parquet, it deserves special attention when choosing a coating in both commercial and residential areas.

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