Instructions for the installation of metal. Main stages

Metal tile is one of the most interestingmodern roofing materials. Its installation is very simple. A set of roofing of any company is often accompanied by an instruction for installing metal roofing. It describes in detail the stages of work. Sometimes there is no such instruction. In this case, there will also be no difficulties. On the Internet a lot of information on this topic. There are even special educational videos.

instructions for metalcutting
Elements of kits of different companies can havesome features, so it will be special and installation of metal. The instruction is also attached to the kit so that the consumer can immediately understand all the nuances.

Below we will consider the main steps and the mandatory rules that must be observed when installing metal tiles from any manufacturer.

A brief instruction for the installation of metal roofs includes several items:

  1. Waterproofing.
  2. The device of the control unit.
  3. Installation of the lower bars of gutters, ends and aprons for pipes.
  4. Installation of eaves, drainage.
  5. Installation of sheets of metal tile.
  6. Fastening of decorative elements.
  7. Installation and installation of ventilation elements.
  8. Installing the ridge element.

installation of metal tile instructions
In addition, any installation instructionsmetal tiles offers to prepare a set of tools necessary for the work. The minimum set should include metal scissors, a screwdriver with a screwdriver, a tape measure, a twine, a gun for applying sealant, a stripper and tongs.

First of all, a hydro and vapor barrier is arranged.For this purpose, a special film is used, which is fixed to the beams of the crate. Mounting starts from the end. The tape from the film is rolled for the entire length of the valley. Then roll and tape the tape along the entire ramp, horizontally, starting from the bottom. Thus it is necessary to do an overlap. The joints of the tapes horizontally are glued with adhesive tape.

Then the instruction for the installation of metal roofing anyThe company proposes the installation of a control unit. It consists of bars 50 to 50 mm and is attached to the bars of the main crate. After that, the boards are horizontally packed with boards. The step between them should correspond to the step of the metal tile.

The next stage is the installation of the lower laths of the grades. After that, mount the lower aprons of the pipes. Install the holders of the gutter gutter and insert a trough into it. After that, fix the cornice bar.

metal tile installation instructions
Then the metal tile itself is installed. The installation instructions for the sheets are also quite simple. They are laid overlapping, fixing them on the controllable self-tapping screws, in staggered order, through two waves.

After all the roofing is covered with sheets,decorative top strips of hands, aprons for pipes, as well as a ridge strap are mounted. The latter is laid with a sealant. Next, you need to install ventilation elements. Under them in the sheets of metal and film make holes of the appropriate size.

Metellechenitsa is distinguished by high strength,resistant to corrosion, and therefore durability. It is aesthetically attractive, safe for health and easy to install inexpensive material. All this explains its relevance.

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