The combination of colors in design. Warm or cold shades?

Even an old apartment can be transformed ifcorrectly change its design. Always tired of monotony, I want something new and unusual. The easiest way to do this is by doing a small cosmetic repair at home. The only thing that is required for this is to know which color combination in the design you prefer. This is the basis from which all subsequent questions follow.

combination of colors in design


The most visited place after the bathroom -this is probably where people eat. What combination of colors in the kitchen design is ideal? First of all, the one that you like best. It should be remembered that there are colors that are contraindicated for kitchens. So, red excites appetite. If you have always dreamed of losing weight, then include this color in the design is not worth it. In addition, he is very aggressive, in some cases causes even attacks of headache.

To make the kitchen cozy, it must definitelybe warm. You can safely reject all cold shades. If the kitchen is in the style of hi-tech, then the metallic glow will soften the inserts of yellow, orange, cream, ocher. This visually balances the ratio of cold and warm in the interior.

If we talk about classical cuisine, thenPastel colors will make it soft, cozy and pleasant looking. A combination of colors in design is possible, both muffled and bright. Let the whole classical kitchen have one juicy stain, attracting looks. It can be a picture, a vase or a curtain. Excessively soft forge brings back sleep, yawning and relaxation. And for food this is not always appropriate. The shades of green give the room some naturalness. It is not very desirable to use dark colors. Let it be bright shades of emerald or light green.

combination of colors in interior design


The combination of colors in the interior design of the bedroomthe room should be unobtrusive. The main function of the bedroom is sleep, rest and relaxation. Bright colors, aggressive shades are not at all relevant here. Nothing should be annoying and crushing the look. All warm and soft colors, pastel colors and semitones are best suited. Nevertheless, there is a category of people that does not represent life without bright colors. They can be advised a combination of juicy shades with soft. So, one wall can be as a bright panel, and the rest - pastel and unobtrusive. This kills two rabbits: there is an eye, where to relax, the soul - to rejoice.

combination of colors in kitchen design


The combination of colors in the design of a child can beaccording to the age and sex of the child. Even the boldest and brightest shades do not tire children, but only give energy. It is very important, choosing the color gamut, to leave neutral places in the room. Those where the child can rest from the paints. So, furniture can be juicy, bright, as well as a floor covering. In this case, the walls and floor should remain neutral - white or gray. Thus, the room will not put pressure on the child, remaining cheerful and bright.

Whichever combination of colors in design youchoose, always imagine in advance how much time you can spend in the room of the conceived color. Remember that cold shades have a place in the bathroom, toilet and corridor. Let in your house warmly, correctly having selected color scale for an interior.

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