Zhulebino metro station: the opening took place

To say that the transport situation in remotequarters of the Moscow southeast is tense, therefore, it is very soft to put it. Because of the great distance from the center of the capital, many residents of these places felt themselves Muscovites of the second grade. This maintained a high degree of social stress on the Moscow outskirts. A natural solution to the problem of public transport was the extension of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line branch to the areas located behind the ring road. Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods closely followed the construction of the metro station "Zhulebino". Opening it many times was postponed for an uncertain future. Still, the long wait was not in vain. The opening of the metro station "Zhulebino" was held on November 9, 2013. This event, finally, made the inhabitants of the far outskirts full-fledged Muscovites.

metro zhulebino opening

What does the new metro station look like?

Any architectural object is characterized asparameters of functionality, and according to the criteria of artistic expressiveness. For many local residents, the architectural features of the Zhulebino metro station are of secondary importance. Opening it greatly made life easier for them, and the rest is not so important. Nevertheless, the engineering solution and architectural design of the station can not be called inexpressive. In a constructive way, this is a column double-span station of deep laying. The conceptual design of Zhulebino metro deserves special attention. Opening of new expressive possibilities demonstrates its bright decorative design. In the stylistic sense - this is the purest high-tech. This type of station is not so little in recent decades built in various cities in Europe. But for Moscow this is quite unusual. In the same design style, other stations of the Taganskoy launch site were also solved.

 opening of the metro station Zhulebino

Snap to the terrain

Currently, the metro station "Zhulebino"is finite, but it will not always be so. In the near future Tagansky radius of the line is planned to continue to the station "Kotelniki". The exits from the metro station "Zhulebino" have not been fully completed yet, but soon they will be accessible from Tarkhan street, as well as to the streets of the aircraft designer Mil and General Kuznetsov.

 metro station Zhulebino opening date

Zhulebino metro station. Opening of new perspectives

The availability of reliable transport communications,allowing for half an hour to get from the south-east to the central part of the capital, can not be underestimated. In particular, the whole region "Zhulebino" automatically withdraws from the depressive category and receives a powerful stimulus for its development. The presence of the metro line significantly enlivens the business life in Vykhino-Zhulebino, activates commerce and trade, increases the capitalization of residential and non-residential real estate. Realtor structures note the growth of those wishing to choose this region as a permanent place of residence. The attractiveness of these neighborhoods was able to change the metro station "Zhulebino". The date of its opening became significant for the region.

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