Stone for a bath: how to choose the most suitable?

Everyone is aware of the health benefitstraditional Russian bath. But for it to bring real benefits, it is necessary to choose the right materials. One of the most important moments is how to choose a stone for a bath. These are, of course, those used for laying inside the stove. At first glance, it may seem that absolutely no matter what kind of stone for a bath to use. But this is far from the case. For the bath does not fit stones, matched on the street. Especially those that were found near the roadway or railroad track. River stones for the bath are also not suitable because of the increased radiation background.

bath stone
The main criteria for selection are:increased thermal resistance and heat capacity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, as well as homogeneity and non-toxicity of the material. The stone for the bath should be good to accumulate heat, to withstand the highest temperatures without cracking. As a rule, stones with a more rounded and smooth shape are chosen. It is believed that this form promotes better circulation of hot air.

So what kind of stones are needed for a bath? There are several breeds that are most suitable for this purpose. Among them, gabbro-diabase, talcochlorite, basalt, jadeite, white quartz, raspberry quartzite and others. Each of them is good in its own way.

Gabbro-diabase is one of the most popular andcommon stones for the bath. It has a volcanic origin and is a very strong mineral with a low water-absorbing capacity. Because of uniform heating, gabbro-diabases practically never crack, even at very high temperature differences. Another advantageous advantage in his favor is the low cost compared to other stone rocks.

what kind of stones are needed for a bath
Another popular stone for the bath -soapstone. It is even stronger and more durable than gabbro-diabase. Many consider the appearance of this stone somewhat unaesthetic, but all the shortcomings are overlapped by its excellent heat capacity and exceptional durability.

Basalt is considered to be the most durable and durableamong the stones of volcanic origin. Has a high heat capacity and aesthetic appearance, and also does not emit any harmful substances and foreign odors in case of overheating. Due to this very much in demand.

Also a very beautiful stone for a bath - quartzitecrimson. Already from the name it is clear that it has a very beautiful crimson color. The stone does not emit harmful substances and does not dust. It is believed that it has a beneficial effect on the entire circulatory system.

Jadeite is one of the most popular stones forbaths, but it is also the most expensive. This is due to the fact that this material, in addition to increased heat capacity and durability, has a number of pluses. Being semi-precious breed, it has a very beautiful slightly greenish color. Also, this stone is considered curative. According to information from various sources, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves metabolism, etc.

river stones for a bath
And finally, white quartz. This stone, though inferior in strength to the rest, but is valued for its medicinal properties. When it is heated, ozone is released, so necessary for our health. Along with jadeite, white quartz is one of the most expensive and highly valued stones.

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