How widely is now used a hand winch

Manual winch refers to mechanisms based onThe thrust, acting according to the principle of application of the strength of the muscles of a person. If you do not need a high speed of lifting the load and if it moves a short distance, in this case it is often used hand winch. Such things are indispensable in warehouses and production halls.

Hand winch
They are also widely used in construction andtransport as a reliable and convenient mechanism for lifting and moving cargo. Hand winches are used in the case of moving materials during installation work, in the absence of electrical energy. The winch does not require power from the electrical network. Depending on the type of transported cargo and the features of the room, it is not difficult to choose the option with the necessary characteristics.

Hand winches have lever and drumprinciple of operation. The manual lever winch acts by the principle of pulling the rope through the body with the help of latches, alternately clamping the rope and moving it in the necessary direction. In the second type of winch, lifting and lowering of materials are accomplished by rotating one or two handles mounted on the drive shaft. One of the most common load-lifting mechanisms of a multifunctional purpose is considered a manual lever winch. A manual winch of this type has no alternative when working with small loads.

Hand lever winch

The drum winch is simpleand consists of a body, a drum for winding cables or ropes, two plain bearings, a drive handle. Such devices are very simple to operate, but considerable effort is required when lifting the load. The manual drum winch can be used where it is sufficient to increase the tractive force by no more than three times, because there is a direct relationship between the drum radius and the rotational radius of the drive shaft.

Hand lever winch from the mechanismratchet, reliable push-button lock, one-piece frame structure with reinforced bolts, two forged hooks with safety locks and a case of hardened galvanized steel. The winch cable is wound on the drum by means of the reciprocating motion of the lever. The latch of the latch is disengaged from the ratchet for unwinding the cable.

Scope of the winchit is diverse (both in everyday life, at work, in industry). This device is completely universal and autonomous, it can be used in any position and does not require rigid attachment. The manual lever winch can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Hand drum winch

Thus, the above types havesimilar design and almost do not differ in the way of operation. Despite this, the drum and lever winches are characterized by different overall dimensions, strength and price. These devices are inferior in performance to electric winches, and are the leaders in terms of availability.

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