Ceilings in the room stretch: the choice, installation, pros and cons

Ceilings in the room stretch are practical, decorative and moisture resistant. If you decide to prefer this kind of finish, then you need to understand the variety represented by modern shops.

Selecting a ceiling by material

ceilings in the room stretch

PVC linen is a thinpolyvinyl chloride film, which is welded from individual strips. The manufacturing process involves the use of special equipment. For installation, the material heats up to 60 degrees, after which it becomes possible to stretch the film. It is installed on a pre-assembled frame, and after cooling, the construction is smooth and tight.

If you choose a similar material, then the surfaceThe ceiling can be glossy or matte. Ceilings in the stretch room can be made of fabric, which is elastic, but looks like a material for women's stockings. In order to obtain the desired color, the fabric is coated with a polymer. But the moisture resistance is provided with a varnish coating. If you prefer safety, attractive finish and lightness, then you should choose a fabric ceiling. Quite often it is compared with polyvinylchloride, but the first variety differs in that it has the ability to pass air. The width of the canvas can be any, and the service design will be ready for many years.

Selecting a ceiling by texture

profile for stretch ceilings

Choosing ceilings in the room stretch, it is necessary to drawattention to the fact that they can have different invoices. The cheapest option is a matte ceiling, which is very common among consumers. It resembles a well-plastered surface and blends perfectly with the straight planes and interior, decorated in a classic style. If you have to taste the conservative motifs in the decoration, then a matt stretch ceiling with a rough surface is suitable for you.

Acquiring the ceilings in the room stretch, manyconsumers are trying to choose a finish that will be able to make the room more visually. This applies to lacquer or glossy coatings that can create a unique effect when zoning the room. This design looks good when decorating dark corners. When buying furniture for such a room should not be zealous, otherwise you may encounter clutter of space.

When to choose a satin ceiling

how to make a stretch ceiling

Before you make a stretch ceiling, you shouldto get acquainted with all the factors that are represented by modern suppliers. Among the varieties of this decoration can be identified satin ceiling, which is like a surface, painted with a composition with a light shine. If you compare with a matte surface, then satin will have a reflective effect. However, it is not a mirror image. It will be easy to take care of such a surface with the help of dry rags.

Preparation before installation

how much is the stretch ceiling

Before you make a stretch ceiling, you mustAnalyze how solidly the rough draft. If there are poorly fortified elements, then they should be disposed of at this stage. In order to prevent inflation of the web, all gaps must be filled with mounting foam. Between the ceiling and the walls there should be no empty space, if it is, then it must be disposed of. From the room you need to try to take out all pieces of furniture, household appliances and household items. The access to the walls should be as free as possible. If there is no possibility to take out all furniture, then it is necessary to move it to the center. The sheets of cardboard are laid on the floor, which will exclude the appearance of scratches.

Necessary tools and accessories

stretch ceilings with photo printing

If you decide to install stretch ceilings withyou need to prepare all the necessary tools for editing, among them: a perforator, water or laser level, straight and angled blades, a screwdriver, a tape measure, a heat gun, aluminum or plastic profiles. Among the additional components, there are decorative inserts that can have different colors, as well as special clothespins and clips. It will take glue, latches and plastic rings for lighting equipment.

Technology of work

cons of stretch ceilings

In order to install tension ceilings inflat, with the help of a level it is necessary to make a marking by applying a rope. It is advisable to use a special cord impregnated with chalk. This will allow to create smooth lines along the perimeter of the room, to which a profile is applied for stretch ceilings. When choosing the material of the guides, it is recommended to give preference to aluminum, it has a longer service life. In these elements, you should make holes, and after moving the markings to the wall. They drill holes in the wall with a perforator.

Profiles are hardened on the surface by screws andscrewdriver. In the next step, you can unpack the film by pre-heating the room to the above mentioned temperature level. Nearby there should not be sharp objects that could damage the ceiling. The canvas should have a base angle from which to start the installation. The material is placed on the suspension pegs so that the clips do not damage the film. For this, the edges turn into a soft material. On the canvas should send a heat gun, which heats it to 80 degrees. At the next stage one by one, you should get rid of the clothespins, strengthening the finish, while using a profile for stretch ceilings. The blade will allow you to distribute the material around the perimeter of the room. The next step is to fix the straight sections.

The process of fastening the decoratedinsertion in the profile, as an alternative solution can stick the baguette to the wall. As soon as the ceiling is installed, for the installation of a chandelier or other fixtures, you can paste a plastic ring, through which the hole is cut.

Pros of stretch ceilings

stretch ceilings in the apartment

Stretched ceilings with photo printing as glossy, soand matte, have their own merits and demerits, among the first can be allocated a sufficiently long period of operation, which can reach 10-15 years. But, as practice shows, the real term of use is much longer. If high-quality products are used in operation, then under the influence of external factors they will not lose color and characteristics. It is impossible not to distinguish between environmental friendliness and safety. But before the acquisition experts recommend familiarizing themselves with the certificates of European standards. If you want, that ceilings at operation did not allocate harmful substances to an environment, it is better to refuse the goods of the Chinese manufacture.

Main disadvantages

Before purchasing the described option of finishingyou need to consider the drawbacks of stretch ceilings. Among them, not so high strength is often noted. If careless handling, the surface can be pierced by a sharp object. Therefore, if you need to move high furniture, you need to act with extreme caution. It is impossible to name an advantage and absolute tightness, which is peculiar to PVC coatings. But some consumers see this as a special plus, which is expressed in the possibility of retaining moisture on the inner surface of the film during the Flood.


If you decide to repair, then youfor sure it will be interesting how much is the stretch ceiling. The lowest price is 450 rubles. per square meter. The specific price will depend on the availability of inserts, bookmarks under the chandelier, bypass pipes and corners. You have to take into account that the installation works will significantly increase the price of such finishing. If you are interested in the question of how much is the stretch ceiling with the installation, then you should count on 750 rubles. for one square meter.

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