Metallosiding "under the tree": features and types

Progress does not stand still, and every yearthere are all new technologies in construction, existing ones are being modernized, new materials are being made. The main task in construction is to improve the process and reduce costs.

An integral element is the finish. Today, there are many materials on the market for these purposes, but in recent years sales of metal siding have grown, which allows satisfying all customer requests.

metal siding for wood

Types of metal siding

Today the manufacturer offers a choice of several types of metal siding:

  • metal soffit,
  • wall metal siding,
  • scaffolding,
  • metal-siding "under the tree."

The most popular is the latter,because with the help of this material you can create a feeling that the house is built of real solid logs. As a supplement, various troughs, slats, slopes, corners are produced that help make the appearance of the building as complete and harmonious as possible.

What is metal siding?

Metallosiding "under the tree" is aFinish material that simulates a calibrated log. It is used for exterior wall finishing and is made of galvanized steel with a decorative polymer coating.

metal siding under the tree photo

Siding Features

  • Metallosiding for a tree can be used in places with any weather conditions.
  • The technology of laying is not difficult and is available even for independent use.
  • Under the material, you can lay any heat insulator, which saves on heating the house.
  • The main feature is the fact that the walls are not tightly closed with siding, which allows the facade of the house to "breathe".
  • When using metal siding, it is possible to lay external communications in such a way that they will not be visible from the outside, this will help achieve an aesthetic appearance of the building.
  • In addition, different has a metal siding color, "under the tree" is offered about 50 shades to the customer's choice.
  • The facade with the finishing of this material will not require any care in the future, which is one of the determining factors in its selection.

Advantages of "wooden" siding

  • Metallosiding for wood has a resistance to temperature changes from -50 to +80 degrees.
  • Long service life up to 50 years.
  • Fire safety.
  • Has a resistance to natural influences.
  • Not exposed to fungi and insects.
  • When heated, it practically does not expand.
  • Resistant to mechanical influences.
  • A light weight.
  • Stability of color.
  • Environmental Safety.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Maximum similarity with a natural tree.

Dimensions of metal sizing

Metal siding "under the tree" dimensions can havedifferent - from 0,5 to 6 meters. The most widely used panels are 3-4 meters in length, since they are convenient to install and easier to deliver to the place of installation. The width of the siding panel is 20-25 cm, and the additional elements - 2 and 3 meters.

metaliding for wood assembly

Mounting of metal siding

As already noted above, you can independently lay the metal siding under the tree, the installation of this material is quite simple.

Initially, somepreparatory works: clean the walls, free them from paint, putty and other substances, remove nails, fasten pipes and other elements. It is required to carefully inspect the walls, if they are damaged in the form of cracks and bumps, then you need to install a wooden or metal crate.

To install a wooden crate,you need a dry bar. If it is not dry enough, then metal metallurgy will later become a wave. To avoid this probability, it is preferable to use a metal crate, which should be installed in steps of 0.4-1 meters, which will allow for the construction of the house and the width of the insulation.

metal siding for wood dimensions

We put the heater in the cells of the crate, you canuse any kind. We fix it with the help of wire or dowels for fixation. Further it is necessary to fix the additional elements to the crate with the help of self-tapping screws in steps of 0.2-0.4 meters.

Now you can proceed directly to the installation, but you need to consider some rules:

  • it is necessary to observe a gap of up to 1.5 mm between the panel and the screw to compensate for the deformation of the metal siding in the event of temperature changes;
  • Between the panel and the additional element it is necessary to leave a gap of 6-8 mm to relieve tension;
  • installation of panels to start wiser from the corners of the house;
  • fastening of panels is carried out by means of self-tapping screws by hooking on top of the underlying siding panel to the underlying siding by means of locking connections;
  • if the building is of a non-standard shape, then for installation it may be necessary to cut the siding into parts, this must be done with a hacksaw for metal, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the protective layer of the panels;
  • panels are installed to the very top of the house;
  • at the last stage the finishing strips with the lock connections on the underside are mounted, the screws are attached to the top.

When laying each row, it is necessary to check the evennessthe construction level, because if there is an unevenness somewhere, it will grow with the laying of each new series, which will already be much more difficult to fix.

The cost of metal siding

The price of the siding "under the tree" is relatively low,so the material is available to people of absolutely any level of prosperity. Manufacturers offer almost identical prices for siding, the difference is only in quality and cost of delivery.

metal siding for wood

The cheapest siding will be the products of Russian manufacturers. So, the price for the panel varies from 400 to 500 rubles depending on the color.

Basically, metal purchasing is made to order,because buyers need different sizes and shades of panels. Siding is sold individually, however, on large orders, as a rule, the manufacturer makes a discount.

To determine which specific metallosiding you need "under the tree", the photo can be viewed without difficulty.

Thus, this finishing material is notyields in its characteristics to no other in the construction sector. Therefore, nowadays metallosiding for wood is very popular. Reviews only this once again confirm.

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