Washing of Air

At present, residents of more or less largecities are concerned about the purity of the air they breathe, so they try to use as much as possible the most diverse household appliances for cleaning it. A special place among them is occupied by air cleaners.

Such a washing is a humidifier withadditional function of air purification. The principle of operation of this device is extremely simple: air is passed through a special system of wet discs, which, among other things, also rotate. These disks, as a rule, have a complex hydrodynamic shape, which increases their efficiency.

The design of the electronic cleaner includesa water reservoir, a fan, a disk rotation monitor and self-moisturizing discs. If you have any doubts about a specific model or you can not decide whether you need air washing, reviews on various sites and forums for surewill dispel doubts and help to choose the most suitable type. Suffice it to say that it copes with the elimination of pollen, dust and other minor contaminants. In addition, with the help of the device it is easy enough to maintain the necessary humidity level in the room.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact thatthe change in the humidity level in the room is carried out naturally and does not entail any negative consequences for human health. This washing, among other things, is characterized by an economical mode of energy consumption and no condensation.

So, how does this device work, and howare all its functional parts connected? The rotating disc system, which is hydrodynamic, raises water from the reservoir, and the fan facilitates the passage of air through the wet discs. This allows you to simultaneously cleanse the air from dust, animal hair and other small particles at the same time, and moisten it. Air washing usually has several modes of operation, as a rule, as much moisture as possible and its minimum level. The desired mode is set using the switch.

Another advantage of this household applianceis easy to care for, as it is enough to wash the water tank only once a week and clean the moisturizing disks. Any replacement discs will not be needed during the operation of air cleaning.

Thus, the democratic price, functionality, practicality and safety make air washes popular among consumers of the most diverse categories.

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