Competent balcony arrangement

The balcony is part of almost every city apartment. And even if its area is small, it is impossible to underestimate this small territory.

balcony arrangement

Most often it is used as a repository forunnecessary things that the hand does not lift. But the arrangement of balconies and loggias (see the photo on this page) is not such a time-consuming and costly business. Without special financial costs, you can make it the most cozy corner in the apartment. Show some fudge and put some effort.

The balcony is a playground open to all winds. If he is in an apartment building and goes to a busy street, the city authorities can monitor the appearance of the facade of the building and prohibit any of its changes. Therefore, you will not be able to glaze the balcony in such a house.

Arrangement of a balcony in this building is veryis problematic. The possibilities of its use are limited. You can rest on it only in good weather. And still make from an open balcony a charming flower garden, a place where you can sit with friends, perhaps.

Arrangement of the balcony should start with an outdoorcoating. Perhaps nothing more to change and not have to, except for a dilapidated or damaged fence. Most often, ceramic tiles are used for this purpose. It has proven itself to be resistant to rain and extreme temperature changes.

Now you can choose the colors, without whichthe balcony will look too boring. In our time, to buy flowers in floor pots or hanging pots - no problem. The balcony can be an excellent support for climbing plants.

arrangement of balconies and loggias photo

Arrangement of a small balcony involves the use of folding furniture, which if necessary can be removed and brought into the apartment.

The majority of apartment ownersmake a balcony or loggia functional and cozy room. This can only be done by glazing and insulating the balcony. To do this, install plastic bags, trim the walls, floors and roof insulation materials.

Today, we will not go into the subtleties of thisprocess, but imagine that the balcony is already glazed and insulated. How can you use this small and narrow room? Here you can organize a workplace for needlework or the "cabinet" of a home master.

Arranging a balcony for the office is an excellent solution. Here the owner of the apartment can retire and work quietly.

On a closed and insulated balcony, you canorganize an excellent sports corner. Many modern simulators perfectly fit even on the narrowest balcony. You will be able to exercise without interfering with other household members, and in summer and spring your workouts will take place outdoors.

arrangement of a small balcony

Quite often our apartments do not have enough spacefor the child's play. Arranging the balcony for a children's playground will help to solve this problem. Of course, you can not play football on the balcony, and you will not get into hide and seek. But it's easy to paint, arrange a luxurious house for a doll or a spacious garage for many cars you can.

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