Proper care for the ficus

There are two conventional species of domestic plants. The first - beautiful, bright, but demanding in the care and pretty capricious. The second - less fanciful plants that harmoniously fit into any interior and are popular no less than their bright neighbors. Ficus can be referred to such house plants.

Ficus care
There are about 1000 species of this plant. Ficuses are variegated, monochromatic, have different size and shape of leaves, can be shrubs, trees, lianas, and even have some ampel shape. Ficus Rubber, Microcarp, Benjamin and Pumila are usually bred as houseplants. And care for them gives owners only pleasure. Each species has features in care. And further we consider the care of the ficus rubber.

It is desirable to study the material on the topic "Care forficus "even before the purchase of the plant. So the probability of plant death will decrease. You should know that it does not particularly like too bright lighting and high temperature. Therefore, the western and eastern windows are ideally suited to it. You can grow in the northern part of the room, but then it's better to add lighting.

care for a fig tree rubber
Room temperature is suitable for summer plants(18-22 ° C). In winter, care of the fig tree should be more trepid. It is important to ensure that the temperature does not rise, and the air is not too dry, otherwise the leaves may wilt, or even fall. It is recommended to arrange a winter rest for a ficus. Place in a place with a temperature of 14-15C. And most importantly - he is afraid of drafts! Protect him from this. And it is desirable that it is not supercooled by an earth clod. So if the container with the plant is on a cold floor or on a windowsill, put it on a small piece of foam.

Care of the fig tree rubber also suggestsand water procedures. Warm shower or copious spraying will only benefit him. But the roots are better covered with polyethylene, they should not be waterlogged. Water the ficus after the complete drying of the earth. More often it is not necessary. It is important that the water is not cold - better than room temperature.

house plants and care for them
Young plants are transplanted once a year, andadults - every 2-3 years. It is necessary to handle the roots with care. The following mixture is recommended: one part of soddy land, one part - leaf, one part - coniferous, part of peat and part of humus. For young plants, it is different: one part of peat, two parts of coniferous land and half of the sand.

Reproduction of the ficus is carried out by air layers and cuttings. The latter are well rooted in the water. Reproduction by layers is carried out if the plant is too large, overgrown.

Proper care of the ficus can turn it into alarge-sized plant. It can grow to a height of several meters. But since in the apartments space is limited, usually the most optimal size is achieved by reducing the pot and trimming.

The variety of sizes and shapes of ficuses allowschoose a plant for every taste, making it a beautiful piece of interior for a very, very long time. The main thing is to find your species of this plant, to feel it and take care of it.

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