Mixture for floor screed: a short description

The arrangement of the sexes is important and time-consuminga stage in construction and repair. Quality flooring should meet several criteria. Initially, they must be durable and very durable. In addition, it is important to have aesthetic characteristics, smoothness of the coating.

floor screed
To achieve a positive resultrepair process should pay special attention to the preparation of the substrate. Under the floor is meant a floor screed, which is a thin layer of a special mixture. Directly on it in the future, the installation of the selected floor covering will be carried out.

dry mix for floor screed
It should be remembered that in order to implement the correct tightening, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality mixture for floor screeding. Which, by the way, should perfectly match the current method.

The floor screed can be made asindependently, and purchased in finished form on the construction market, presented by different manufacturers. Typically, this finished formulation contains an ideal concentration of materials such as sand, cement and plasticizers.

floor screed
Obviously, the finished mixture for floor screedis more convenient to use, but sometimes it requires a special concentration of the materials used. Therefore, in some cases, the mixture for floor screeds is prepared directly on construction sites.
floor screed
Basically the main materials for manufacturingmixtures are cement and sand. Modern professionals (in this type of activity) add to the composition of certain plasticizers, which make it easier to process the contraction, as well as providing more rapid congealing. Often used the ratio of cement and sand - 1: 3. To prepare a quality mixture for floor screed, it is necessary to take into account a very important detail, which consists in the presence of a clear correspondence of the amount of ingredients used. It is compliance with these rules that guarantees a positive end result.

Dry mix for floor screeds are made onbasis of cement and gypsum. It perfectly ensures the leveling of the surface of the flooring, and if necessary, it can be used to make the necessary slope and hide the pipeline or heating in the floor.

An important factor is the process of addingwater. In this case, you must be very careful. If there is a lack of water, the cement can quickly crack, and if there is an excess, numerous chips and defects can form. So the amount of water should be accurate: no more, no less.

floor screed
Addition of a certain type of plasticizerwill avoid some errors in the preparation of solutions. For this reason, many modern specialists use high-quality plasticizers, which are able to give the material special strength and prevent various defects in the mixture.

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