What metal Monterrey is different from other types of roofing material?

The huge choice that now representsthe construction market, makes you think. Such a variety of technologies and materials, which sometimes is not easy to stop at something. This is very well traced on the example of the roof assortment. You can choose a roll material, stop on the rebated roof, use metal roofing or bitumen shingles. So there is where to fool your fantasy. For each type of roofing material, there are requirements that

Metal tile
To observe. The metal Monterrey will look good on a double-skinned roof. For flat roofs, it is possible to use roofing material, and it is better to slate the slate on a ramp with a slight slope.

The basis of any metal is metal. Usually it is cold rolled steel. The thickness of the sheet can be different, for roofs, 0.5 mm is most often used. In some cases, you can take 0.4 mm steel. From the bottom and from above the metal is protected by a thin layer of zinc or its analog - aluminum zinc. Then comes the protection against corrosion. On the front side, a polymer layer is applied. It can be polyester or plastisol. On the inside, the metal Monterrey is protected by a layer of lacquer. The result is an inexpensive roofing material with good performance.

Appearing for the first time in Finland, it has become popular in many countries.

installation of metal roofing
Metal tile "Monterrey", produced inRussia, almost inferior in quality to Western counterparts. A huge plus is the ability to order sheets with certain sizes that can match the length of the slope of your roof. This will reduce the number of joints, and therefore, save money. In some cases, the length of the sheet can reach up to 7 m.

Installation of metal tile "Monterrey" is not veryis complex and differs little from the laying of other species. It is made in the form of natural tiles with a certain wavelength, which is 350 mm. The working width of the sheet is 1100 mm. Its height depends on the size of the wave and groove on the profile sheet. It ranges from 25 to 46 mm.

Begin laying the sheets from the lower right edge. It is best to invite specialists for this purpose. But you can do all the work yourself, observing the sequence of installation. This applies not only to the laying of sheets, but also to the general preparation of the roof. Qualitatively executed lathing, properly laid vapor barrier, as well as a preliminary calculation and purchase of the necessary amount of material will save in the future from any problems.

roofing from metal

To the roof of metal Monterreyadded brightness to your home, you need to match the color of the top cover. A palette of colors and shades is selected individually for each specific case. To facilitate the installation of the roof, you need to purchase additional elements. These are different bars, which are fixed on the ledges, protect the horse and valleys.

The sequence with which themetal Monterrey, directly depends on the complexity of the construction of the roof itself. Each sheet is better to attach screws. The step of the crate is calculated from the wavelength. In addition to the vapor barrier film, it is also possible to use waterproofing. To ensure that the roof is well ventilated, there must necessarily be an air gap. If you take into account and correctly put all the elements of this puff cake under the name "roof" in advance, then the rain noise will not prevent you from sleeping.

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