How to make an air freshener yourself?

Home comfort largely depends on how and howsmells in your home. If the air is stale and stale, then hope for a pleasant stay for sure is not worth it. Of course, there are many ways of how this can be remedied. In particular, you can make the simplest air freshener yourself.

air freshener

What is needed for this

  • Ceramic bottles of attractive shape.
  • Any baby oil.
  • Essential oils according to your preferences.
  • Vodka.
  • Small reed sticks (you can buy in stores for needlework).


First, pour the baby oil into the bottle. It should extend approximately to the middle of the vessel. After that, you need to add a few drops of the essential oil that suits you and the flavor of which you like. It is necessary to add a couple of tablespoons of vodka.

This is done so that the air freshener (with their own hands to make it simple enough) could function: alcohol dilutes the oils, allowing them to soak in the reeds.

How to use cane

We shall specify that for these purposes it is necessary to take suchsticks, the length of which is twice the height of the ceramic vessel. They put in oil, stand for about three days, turn over the other side. So you need to do it several times, periodically washing them with warm water and soap. Over time, you need to turn over less often, as essential oils will move forward along the pores of the cane.

air freshener composition

Another variant

This home air freshener severalit is more difficult to produce, but it looks much more interesting, and its efficiency is much higher. It is based on the usual food gelatin, which can be bought literally at any grocery store.

What will you need?

In this case, the air freshener entersgelatin itself, food colors, essential oils and a little cinnamon. In addition, in advance, find some dishes from transparent glass, which will fit well into the interior of your home.


Two tablespoons are put on a glass of watergelatin, after which it is dissolved, slowly stirring on not too strong fire. When the solution becomes completely homogeneous, it is mixed with dyes, essential oils and cinnamon.

At the bottom of the dishes you can lay beautiful stones,shells of sea shellfish or something like that. Having established your creation, you must as carefully as possible pour it with prepared gelatin. So you did the air freshener yourself!

home air freshener
The third way

It is ideal for those who love the smell of naturalcinnamon. You will need a bottle, cinnamon, alcohol and mineral water. If you want a more intense smell, an alcohol extract of the same cinnamon will come in handy.

In addition, it is necessary to procure rattansticks and food colorings. In a bowl, pour 100 ml of mineral water, 700 ml of alcohol and 200 ml of extract. Stir, gradually adding color. The resulting liquid is poured into a suitable vessel, we put in the sticks of natural cinnamon and put the rattan rods.


All! Such an air freshener can be made by everyone. The advantage of all the compositions described above is their complete naturalness. They are completely harmless to health and help to improve mood and well-being only by natural methods!

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