Roofing: detailed instructions for installing metal roofing

Roofing is one of the main elementsprotection of the house from the external environment, so the correctness of its installation significantly affects the functionality of the roof in the future. Very often in our time, such roofing material as metal tile is used, because it has high quality and has other positive properties. A detailed instruction for installing metal tiles allows you to make the procedure yourself.

roofing from metal tile installation
The process of organizing the roof is important andis divided into several stages. First you need to remove the roof dimensions and calculate the amount of material. For this, the cornice length is divided by the width of the sheet of material, taking into account the overlap. That is, the useful width of the sheet is taken. When buying roofing material, you need to purchase several sheets more than indicated in the calculation.

Further detailed installation instructionsmetal roofing provides for the arrangement of the waterproofing and vapor barrier layer of the future roof. You can not lose sight of the ventilation slot. The gap must be at least 5 cm wide, and it is also worthwhile to provide a hole in the area of ​​the ridge so that all evaporation can be freely discharged outside. The fact is that the arrangement of such a "pie" will not only protect the attic space from penetration of moisture, rotting processes of the supporting structure, but will also significantly reduce the amount of thermal insulation material. And it provides tightness of the structure.

detailed instructions for the installation of metal
The next step is detailed installation instructionsmetal tiles refers to the arrangement of a crate, on which, in fact, the sheets of roofing material will be laid. For this purpose boards with a thickness of about 3 cm are used. Here it is necessary to take into account that the curtain rod, to which the very first sheets will be fastened, should be additionally reinforced with boards. Then the end plate is installed. It is better if it is higher than the crate to the height of the material wave. After that, the curtain rod is nailed.

After the preparatory work detailed instructionson the installation of metal tiles advises to proceed with the installation of sheets. You need to start it from the ridge strap on the left or on the right. It should be taken into account that the sheets must be at the cornice for 4 cm when laying. All the waves should go correctly, therefore, increased attention is paid to the pitch of the wave.

detailed instructions for the installation of metal
Roof of metal, installation of which is notrepresents labor, it must still be done carefully, so as not to damage the material. When installing, it is also advisable to move gently along the roof. Note that if you have to cut sheets, do not use abrasive wheels. It is best to use scissors for metal.

The first few sheets are first baited forcrate, and then, if they are laid flat and correctly, tightened tightly. The material is fastened with screws with rubber gaskets, which prevent metal damage. At the joints and under the ridge it is better to lay a strip of sealant. The ridge of the ridge is attached last.

The installation of metal tiles with their own hands can alsoprovide for the installation of stairs, snow holders, clearance through holes. However, these processes are not complex and can be performed even by an unprofessional builder.

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