Adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw with your own hands

Chainsaw is an indispensable assistantharvesting firewood, cutting the forest and just when processing the garden. Its powerful two-stroke engine is able to operate smoothly under all weather and temperature conditions. However, so that the chainsaw does not die out at the most unexpected moment, you need to regularly adjust the carburetor. From the correctness of the performance of these works depends not only the convenience of working with the sawing process, but also the economy of fuel consumption as a whole. How to adjust the carburetor chainsaw, - later in this article.

chainsaw carburetor adjustment

What do we have to do?

The whole process of setting up this mechanismis to regulate the position of the nozzles. Often modern chainsaws have 3 screws. Among them there is a bolt of a joker of low turns, high turns and the device for adjustment of idling of a saw.

It is worth noting that the first two screws set upthe correct ratio of the combustible mixture and air, which is determined by the opening of the throttle. If you need to get a lean mixture, tighten the bolt clockwise. Accordingly, if you want the enriched mixture to enter the combustion chamber, turn the device counter-clockwise.

The third screw is designed to adjust the idling speed of the chain saw engine. If it is turned clockwise, the engine speed will increase, when the bolt is unscrewed, the revolutions decrease.

adjustment of carburetor chainsaw Husqvarna 137

Do I need to adjust immediately after buying the instrument?

It is worth noting that the adjustment of the carburetorchainsaws ("Calm 660" including) should not be produced until the engine does not run. Experts recommend to keep the factory values ​​of all three screws until the tool does not work at least 5-6 hours. As a rule, the manufacturing plant adjusts the carburetor to supply a more enriched mixture, which is very important for cold starting of the saw. After this mechanism has worked several hours, you can safely configure the flow of the fuel mixture yourself.

regulation of the carburetor chainsaw calm 660


When the carburettor is adjustedchainsaws, pay attention to the fact that the correct tuning of the propeller screw will also affect the engine power. Accordingly, the speed of rotation of the chain will also increase. This is not the best way to be displayed on the operation of the saw. At the same time, the enriched mixture is well-envied by the motor in the winter. Therefore, it is best before starting to set the screw to a higher value, and after starting to set it back. Thus it is necessary to be afraid of a very lean mixture. It does not ensure the normal operation of the engine in its hot or cold weather. In addition, the lean mixture leads to excess engine rotation, which adversely affects the performance of the chainsaw. Thus, the regulation of the carburetor chainsaw ("Huskvarna 137" including) should be done so that the resulting mixture was not very poor and at the same time not too rich.

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