Size of the metal tile: characteristics of the main profiles

The term "metal tile" is denoted by a sheeta roofing material made by the method of cold pressure of a profile made of copper, aluminum or sheet steel with the subsequent application of a polymeric protective layer. Externally, the sheet resembles a masonry made using traditional ceramic tiles.

the size of the metal tile

The size of the metal tile is set by the actingspecifications and technical conditions. It depends on the equipment used for production and the type of products manufactured. As a rule, the raw material for the production of these roofing materials goes to the enterprise in the form of rolled thin-sheet metal, the thickness of which lies in the range from four tenths to seven tenths of mm. The metal is already coated with a polymer coating that fulfills a two-pronged task. It protects it and gives an aesthetic appearance, which is promoted by a wide range of colors of the specified products.

The size of the metal tile is set in the technologicalmap (wave pitch, transverse wave height, length and width of the finished sheets). This is one of the most important indicators by which it is customary to classify this material. According to the type of profile, the metal tile is divided into:

the size of metal monterrey

  • "Maxi";
  • "Elite";
  • Monterrey;
  • "Trapezium";
  • "Super Monterrey."

The most popular types of profile are the third and fifth. The size of metal Monterrey in the basic version of its manufacture is:

  • length of sheet - from 2000 mm and above;
  • width - 1800 mm;
  • thickness - 0,4-0,5 mm;

This roofing material has various types of protective and decorative coating, the designation of which is given below:

  • Pe - made of polyester;
  • ЛКПЦ - the zinced hire with drawing of an organic covering;
  • C - one-sided coating (D - double-sided);
  • RAL - the color of the applied coating, according to a similar catalog.

Standard dimensions of metal Monterrey:

standard dimensions of metal

  • sheet (thickness): 0.4-0.5 mm;
  • wave (pitch / height), mm - 350/24;
  • width (useful / total), mm: - 1100/1800.

The size of the Monterrey metal tile of other types (Maxi, Granite HDX, Velur, Solano 30, Country) differs from the above and accordingly is:

  • thickness: (0,4-0,5) mm / 0,5 mm other;
  • wave pitch (mm): 400/350/350/350/350;
  • wave height (mm): 24/23/23/23/23.
  • width (useful / total), mm: (1100/1180) / (1100/1180) / (1100/1180) / (1100/1180) / (1120/1188).

In addition to the parameter called "sizemetal, "the buyer should pay attention to the following characteristics, which can be safely called as determining the quality of the specified roofing material. It:

  1. Type and class of protective coating.
  2. The type and class of coating decorative and protective.
  3. The grade of steel used as a basis.

These parameters largely determine the regionuse of metal roofs of one type or another. The base polymers used in the production of its coating are polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyvinylidene fluoride. But in the pure form they are, as a rule, not used.

Optimum characteristics of the specified roofingmaterial on such parameters as price, durability, versatility, ease of installation, make it the most attractive type of products from the roofing group, which are currently on the Russian market.

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