"MIM-300" - meat mincer, irreplaceable in the food industry

Today the booming industry of Russiaproduction can rightfully be recognized as a food industry. Not so long ago, imposed sanctions against Russia aimed at weakening our economy and limiting the number of imported foreign products, gave impetus to the development of the agricultural sector, mainly for the meat department. In the market, at last, domestic meat products appeared, represented by sausages, half-finished products, smoked products and other products. The functioning of newly opened enterprises, as well as their solid success, is directly related to equipment. And not the last word in this matter said "MIM-300" - a mincer in Belarus.

mime 300 meat grinder

Producer of reliable products

The enterprise "TORGMASH", which is located inBelarus, is a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment for trade enterprises and catering establishments. The manufactured equipment finds its application not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries. Since its inception, the company has established itself as a supplier of high-quality and reliable equipment, which, among other things, has a fairly low price. Not only mincers, but also blenders, automatic potato peelers, mixers and other food processing units found their place in the enterprises. But the real pride of the company "TORGMASH" is exactly "MIM-300" (meat grinder).


"MIM-300" - meat grinder, which has won its popularity due to technical indicators.

meat grinder mime 300 price

Despite the small size, this device is characterized by high performance and low power consumption. So, the meat grinder "MIM-300" has the following characteristics:

  • Meat production: at primary crushing - 300 kg / hour, at secondary - 100 kg / hour.
  • The speed of rotation of the knife is 250 rpm.
  • Power consumption - 1.9 kW.
  • The required voltage is 380 V.
  • Dimensions - 400h680h441 mm.
  • Weight - 50 kg.

As can be seen from the technical specifications, the MIM-300 is a meat grinder capable of coping with a large volume of production, which in combination with a fairly low price will allow the equipment to quickly self-sustain.

Common Device

Meat mincer "MIM-300", the price of which - more than 40 thousand.rubles, can satisfy even the most economical owner of the food enterprise. It consists of two parts. The first part is a working mechanism that ensures stable and quick meat processing. It is presented in the form of an electric motor. In order to extend the life of the mechanism, it is necessary to periodically perform maintenance, which consists in checking the oil level in the device. For this purpose, the motor has a special hole through which the working fluid is controlled and refilled.

The device of a meat grinder

knife for meat mincer 300

The second part of the product is represented by the actualmeat grinder. Meat mincer "MIM-300", the price of which is on an enviable low range, is made of an aluminum case inside which all the components and elements necessary for work are placed. This is a two-sided knife, a cutting knife, several knife grids, a thrust ring, a screw and a clamping nut. The number of elements, like their shape, can vary. It depends on what kind of invoice the product you want to get at the end of the job.

On the back of the aluminum casinga flange is provided by which the motor is fixed to the main operating element. The body itself is attached to the surface by means of screw clamps. It's also worth mentioning about the special device of the boot compartment. Above the working hole there is a non-removable safety device that prevents the employee from hitting the knife directly.

Spare parts

meat mincer mime 300 parts

Despite the fact that the whole unit is famous for its solidreliability and rarely fails, with improper operation it can still happen. In this case, you will have to purchase the components. The benefit of the meat grinder "MIM-300", spare parts of which are in free distribution, is unpretentious and does not require special knowledge when carrying out repairs. Most often, you have to spend money to purchase components such as a drive shaft, a start button, individual elements of the motor and other components.

Do not also forget that over timeCutting elements are exposed to natural wear. The knives are dull, and the device loses its performance. To prevent this from happening, always beforehand get a sharpened knife for the meat grinder "MIM-300". So there will be no loss of funds due to the downtime of the unit.

What to consider when buying component parts

meat grinder mime 300 specifications

It is always worth remembering that a failurecomponent elements and the wear of knife mechanisms are a natural process. And to guarantee the stable operation of the device it is possible only in the event that in time to make replacement of the failed parts.

This is the only way to prevent more serious violations in the work, which will lead to significant costs. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the meat mincer, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. Do not continue to operate the device if at least one of the items is in a faulty condition.
  2. Acquire only original spare parts provided by the factory or its dealers.
  3. Check the number of the old part with a new purchase - despite the external similarity, the new mechanism may not be suitable.
  4. Do not forget to process the parts before installing them.
  5. Check all parts for damage prior to purchase.

That's all there is to know about the meat grinder"MIM-300", before installing it in its production. Observing all the proposed rules and requirements for operation from the manufacturer, you will provide your company with reliable equipment for many years to come.

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