Fashionable and modern curtains on the eyelets. Beautiful, practical, convenient

Modern design of premises with simplelaconic forms of furniture, creative design of walls suggests a simple, but elegant decoration of windows. There are several interesting design solutions in this direction. For example, Japanese curtains-panels, roller curtains-paintings, decorative curtains, shutters, etc. But, perhaps, one of the simplest, but very effective ways of decorating with the cloth of windows are curtains on the eyelets. What are eyelets? These are large metal rings that are inserted into the fabric, and not attached to it from above, which creates a pleasant, even and expressive drapery. In this case, the fabric can be very different in density, texture, color and thickness. Curtains with eyelets look beautiful both from dense soft and heavy fabrics, and from thin, transparent and very light.

The universality of such a fastening allowsUse it not only on windows, but also on textile canvases that fence the room, and also to create unusual lambrequins. In this case, the curtains on the eyelets are very convenient for operation, they glide along the curtain perfectly, they do not jump off, they are very easy to attach. In order to hang them, you need a round cornice with a simple mount on the side brackets, so that if necessary it can be easily removed.

When choosing a fabric for similar curtains, the mainthe accent should be made on its decorative, pattern, texture. After all, simple fastening allows you to fully demonstrate the beauty of curtains and patterns on them. On thin transparent fabrics, eyelets create a game of contrast between lightness and tenderness of curtains and rough simplicity and conciseness of fastening.

Do not think that such designexcludes the possibility of creative ideas. For example, with the help of eyelets you can make unusual short curtains in the kitchen or arrange lambrequins. For this, rectangular triangles are cut from a thin transparent organza or veil, the size of the legs about one meter. The fabric can take one or more colors. In all three corners of the parts is inserted on the eyelet. Then, they are consistently, one after another, strung on a round bar. It turns out a fantasy ruffle of colored or one-color draperies.

Sewing curtains on the eyelets with your own hands is enoughjust. When buying a fabric, for the length of each curtain, add about 10 cm in addition to the hem of the upper edge. In the curtain saloon you should also buy eyelets. A tight glue tape is also required to seal the top cut, which should be 2 cm wider than the outside diameters of the eyelets.

1.First we process the side edges of the curtains, if necessary. Then, on the top cut of each panel, step back 1 cm from the edge, glue the sealing tape with iron, pre-attaching it with pins. After that, we bend the fabric along the bottom edge of the tape, bend the inside of the centimeter gap and stitch the seam as close as possible to the fold.

2. We proceed to fasten the eyelets.The first and the last should be located not less than 3 cm from the edge. The total number of rings must necessarily be even. We put in the middle of the strengthened upper edge of the eyelet, circle its inner diameter with a pencil, carefully cut out the hole, slightly smaller than the diameter of the circle, apply the eyelet and connect its details to a characteristic click. The distance between the rings can be from 6 to 10 cm, depending on the thickness of the tissue and its density.

3.It is recommended to sew the bottom of the curtains after the rings have been inserted. Curtains on the eyelets are attached to the cornice, we determine the size of the file, then remove it again, sewn, the seams are smoothed, and the curtains are finally hung on the window.

When washing the curtains, take care of washingmachine and put them in a special bag so that the metal eyelets do not scratch the drum, and the decorative details themselves retain their original appearance.

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