Choose a stretch ceiling. Which is better: made of fabric or PVC?

Modern owner of an apartment is rarehas an irresistible desire to faint if necessary to repair. In many respects it is connected with improbable possibilities of modern building technologies, allowing to make from any apartment the present work of art.

stretch ceiling which is better
Huge popularity in recent yearsdeservedly use stretch ceilings, which the majority of our compatriots wish to install themselves in the apartment. Unfortunately, very few people can boast that they know the technology of their manufacture and the features of installation. In addition, not everyone knows about what material a stretch ceiling can be made of. Which is better: from PVC or from fabric?

Stretch ceilings are made of vinylfilm, which is stretched to the main ceiling. This film is able to hide all the flaws in the ceiling: irregularities, cosmetic defects and surface damage. These models of ceilings are beautiful and diverse. They can be made to order, depicting on the ceiling a blue starry sky, snow-white clouds, print children's pictures and favorite photos, and much more that just comes to your mind. So a simple apartment repair can be turned into a real work of art! However, we still often think about what stretch ceilings are better: reviews are very contradictory, and someone prefers fabric varieties.

Why is this happening? The fact is that fabric ceilings are not in vain called "seamless". Given that the width of a single roll of special fabric can be about five meters, it's really not easy to see a seam on such a ceiling. Remember this by choosing a stretch ceiling. Which is better - yet a matter of personal circumstances, since there are drawbacks to such kind of ceilings. For example, they can not withstand the "gift" from neighbors in the form of several dozen liters of water when flooded. A film on one square meter of its area can take up to hundreds of liters of water.

what stretch ceilings are better reviews

In any case, the tension ceiling system hasquite simple and understandable design, which is one of its main advantages. It consists of a fastening plastic or aluminum profile, which is called baguette, as well as polyvinyl chloride or polyester fabric, which is its basis. The last element is impregnated with polyurethane. This material is characterized by a high level of water resistance and excellent strength. By the way, thinking about what firm is better than stretch ceilings, pay attention to the profile they use. Best of all is aluminum, since it is less susceptible to temperature and mechanical deformation of the structure.

what firm is better than stretch ceilings
If in the past for many consumers stretchceilings could be a luxury item, but now their installation is quite acceptable for most people. If earlier, when there was a question about repair work in an apartment or office, the owners immediately reflected on what color shade to choose wallpaper for ceilings or tiles, but now this pattern has been replaced by a stretch ceiling. Which is better? You could already understand that in many respects the choice is conditioned by the specific use of the premises. So, in the conference room will look great cloth, but in a normal apartment still does not hurt to hedge and install a ceiling of PVC.

As the prices for them become more and moreaccessible. They gradually supplant the rest of the materials that are used to finish the ceiling. Such a rapid onset of stretch ceilings due to their high practicality and the ability to experiment with their different options. In short, any stretch ceiling is good. Which is better - just for you!

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