Replacement of seals on plastic windows with your own hands

In just a few years, plastic windows receivedfairly widespread. This fact is explained not only by their practicality, but also by functionality. Metal-plastic designs perfectly fit into any interior and do not require special care. Of course, in some cases, some elements, such as rubber seals, need to be replaced.

replacement of seals on plastic windows

When to change

Replacement of seals on plastic windows isA simple process that you can do yourself. But at the same time, not everyone knows when to do this. The service life of the structure directly depends on the quality of all components: seals, double-glazed windows, accessories and profiles. Each element performs its functions. But if something becomes unusable, then the window stops normally opening or closing.

The most common problems are due to lowquality of rubber seals. But these elements ensure the tight fit of the structure flaps to the frame. If the window is too long to be used, it may be necessary to replace the plastic window seal. Over time, these elements can lose elasticity, dry up and crack. If the metal-plastic construction is often used, the insulation properties of the seals are lost. The service life of these elements is from 3 to 5 years. After their replacement is required.

The main signs of the malfunction are: drafts, the formation of condensate on the glass surface, freezing. In the latter case, on the inside of the window, you can see the ice, formed as a result of severe frost. The service life of the rubber seal depends not only on how to look after the plastic windows, but also on the climatic conditions.

replacement of plastic window sealant

Preparatory work

To replace seals on plastic windowspassed without problems, it is necessary to prepare a window in advance. First you need to remove the old material from the grooves. In this case, there will be no problems, since the seals are very easy to remove, and you do not need to exert special efforts. After this, the surfaces of the structure must be cleaned and degreased. Dust and dirt must be removed. Do not use abrasive substances. Remove dirt with a soft cloth or sponge.

For those who do not know, the rubber sealIt is a black cord that has a figured or tubular section. It depends on the type of product. It is this element that is responsible for the microclimate in the room. The quality of rubber seals depends on whether there is heat in the house, or whether the window will blow.

Replacement of seals on plastic windowsallows you to get rid of drafts, condensation and ice. However, experts recommend using the material of European manufacturers, since Chinese or Turkish counterparts are of poor quality.

repair of plastic windows replacement of sealant

What will be required

Replacement of rubber bands on plastic windows with your own hands will be made much faster if you prepare all the tools and materials in advance. To carry out repairs, you will need:

  1. Special scissors for rubber products.
  2. Seals for constructions.
  3. Adhesive for rubber. You can also use special compounds.

When everything is ready, you can repair plastic windows.

Sealant replacement: main stages

When the surfaces are cleaned and prepared, you canproceed with the replacement. To begin with it is necessary to smear all the corners of the frame with adhesive. After that, you can put in the grooves of new sealing rubber bands. In this case, it is worth considering that you need to insert whole pieces, rather than individual segments. Of course, without experience and certain skills to do it is not so simple.

Replacement of seals on plastic windows shouldbe carried out neatly and in compliance with certain requirements. When laying in the grooves of the material, you can not pull it, and also strongly compress it. Sealing gums should evenly lie around the perimeter of the window.

When the material is laid, it should be carefully cut off its tip. Joint sealing need to be carefully glued.

replacement of rubber bands on plastic windows with your own hands


If you are not sure of your own strength, then it's worthask for help from specialists. After all, replacing rubber seals is a laborious process that requires skill and accuracy. Professionally executed work is a guarantee of warmth and comfort in your home. In addition, it will save money and, of course, nerves.

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