What are cyclamen good for? Care for these plants.

Cyclamen is such a beautiful plant that itsI really want to see in my house, trying to collect as many of these plants with bright and colorful flowers. However, very often, hitting home conditions, cyclamen begins to "behave" unpredictably, namely: withers and loses its beauty. I must say that this is the first sign that the plant was organized by improper care.

Buying cyclamen, care for which is not so muchis complex, how much requires diligence, special attention should be paid to its leaves and tuber. However, it is necessary still much to break a head above what color of flowers to choose? Needless to say that the leaves of the plant should be without visible damage, and the tuber - must be healthy and not have the slightest signs of rot. Buying a flower cyclamen, care for which will be carried out at home, is best in the fall, when this plant is just beginning to bloom.

In principle, the flower cyclamen can be grown fromseeds alone. True, there is no guarantee that the plant will indeed be healthy. Therefore, it is recommended to just buy ready-made cyclamens in stores, bring them home, and at home and provide them with the proper care.

How to care for a flower cyclamen? I must say that for this plant is verycorrect care is important, as well as strict adherence to the optimal temperature for its growth, which should not be above +20 degrees, and a sufficient amount of light. Nevertheless, it is necessary to try to grow a cyclamen in such a place that it does not get sun rays. Otherwise, the leaves can get severe burns.

In some cases cyclamen, care and developmentwhich entirely depends on ourselves, it is impossible to grow in places where plants will not be provided with the optimum temperature. In this case, they usually do this: they simply sprinkle the sprayer on the plant with warm, but pre-settled water. But at the same time, care should be taken to ensure that no droplets of water fall on the flowers and stems.

However, do not forget this wellwatering cyclamens. Care for these plants is not only a sufficient amount of lighting, but also in regular watering. However, with abundant watering, water should be carefully poured only in the pan, or closer to the edge of the pot, trying not to allow water to enter the plant itself. However, irrigation watering, but excessive effort in this case, too, will be harmful to the plant, and it will start to rot.

If cyclamen in the beginning of spring will be covered with yellowleaves, then you should not be frightened about this. Yellowness on leaves means that cyclamen begins to "fall asleep." Approximately at the same time, the tubers of the plant may be denuded. Sometimes even begins to seem, then they died. However, it is not. This is not the death of the roots, but something like anabiosis. When a new cycle begins in the development of the cyclamen, the roots will again come to life.

In this case, what is required in this statecyclamens? Care and again care. However, to care at this time for plants should not be so carefully. It is advisable simply to ensure that the soil in which cyclamens are grown is not dried up. In addition, it will be much better if the pot with a plant is simply put in a dark place.

The plant usually "sleeps" for 2-3 months. Such a long period may not suit some growers. However, there's nothing to be done. But when new leaves become visible on it, this will mean that the flower has awakened from sleep and it is recommended to transplant it into a new soil, which must be prepared from equal parts of sand, peat and humus. After transplantation cyclamen can be put on his usual place and continue to look after him as usual.

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