Design of a living room with a fireplace in a minimalist style

The fireplace is an unusual and beautiful element in the interior design. Nowadays it is installed most often not for heating, but for creating a cozy and refined atmosphere.

In the past it was believed that interior designa living room with a fireplace can only be designed in a private house, but now the situation has changed. To date, the market has a large number of models of miniature sizes, which can be mounted both in the house and in the apartment.

Usually a fireplace is the central place of the living room. Around him is grouped upholstered furniture so that the owners can enjoy the warmth in the cold season. Modern models of foci can be gas or wood, with a closed or open firebox and even with a remote control.

design of living room with fireplace

Many people think that the design of the living room with a fireplaceit is best to do in the classical style, but today the market has a variety of modern and high-tech models that allow you to create stunning interiors in the style of minimalism.

The main idea of ​​this direction isa combination of external appearance and functionality. Often, satiety with a variety of details and luxury of traditional styles of interior design leads to a desire for brevity and simplicity. Following the laws of minimalism, the design of the living room with a fireplace, executed in this style, implies the rejection of excesses.

Moreover, the very models of minimalist fireplacesare reduced to simple geometric forms, and their finishing is devoid of detail. In the interior design of this area, the functional principle always prevails, so very often in the design of the living room in the style of minimalism use built-in models of foci.

design of living room with fireplace photo

Among the modern models in the style of minimalism are allmore popular are panoramic fireplaces. Unlike the front and corner models, they have a design that allows you to see the fire from several sides. Panoramic fireplaces in the style of minimalism make a wide variety of configurations. Such hearth is installed in spacious rooms in the center of the room, which allows households to gather around the fireplace.

 interior design of the living room with fireplace

Installation of the fireplace can be planned even beforethe beginning of the construction of the house or during the overhaul. Some models can be installed in ready rooms, but this will require its re-equipment. If the hearth device is made into an already existing interior, you will have to change the design of the entire room, using a decor that fits the style.

Place for this decorative element must be selected in advance, and the procedure for building or installing a fireplace should be entrusted to professionals.

design of living room with fireplace1

Design of a living room with a fireplace in a minimalist styleprovides for the selection of a model and material for decorating the hearth in harmony with the rest of the decorative elements of the interior of the common room. If the shape of the hearth in the minimalist style should be as simple as possible, then the materials for decoration are a great variety: metal, stone, ceramics, composite and other materials.

The design of the living room with a fireplace, the photo of which is presented in the article, proves that minimalism style is the best for creating a cozy home atmosphere.

The fireplace in the living room will bring a romantic, warm and passionate note to the interior design. It symbolizes family values ​​that never go out of fashion.

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