Useful tips for young parents, how to choose a cot for a newborn

The kid has not yet been born, but his mother has alreadybegins to quietly equip his nest. And the thing that is one of the first to appear in the future nursery is a crib for crumbs. It is chosen long and meticulously. Discussions arise when discussing each specific model. And some future parents have time to argue even about where to buy a crib for a newborn: in a large trading network, through the Internet or to issue an individual order in a small furniture workshop. There is no unequivocal answer here, the usual scheme of shopping is triggered.

how to choose a cot for a newborn
But wherever you ultimately acquirea dowry, you need to know how to choose the crib for the newborn correctly, to avoid future troubles. There is nothing more important than the safety of your baby. Therefore, we pay close attention to the materials used by the manufacturer. It is better to give preference to natural wood. The adhesive composition of the EAF will gradually be released into the air, and its evaporation can harm the health of the child. The same requirements apply to the coating. Some manufacturers, remembering that the children begin to nibble on the cribs of the crib, when they cut the first teeth, they produce special safety pads.

Sometimes relatives and friends decide to give to the youngparents are so necessary for the arrangement of the baby thing, they take care of all the efforts to acquire it. And now they have to puzzle over what bed to choose for a newborn, because in the catalogs are just an incredible number of a variety of models.

what bed to choose for a newborn
Based on the concern for the well-being of the young mother,Choose options with three levels of adjustment of the bottom. Since the mother constantly bends over the crib, and her back is not iron, she will really like the opportunity to raise the bottom higher. Then, when the child begins to actively roll over on his side, the mattress goes down one step. And then, as the baby progresses, it will reach the very first level.

How to choose a cot for a newborn? Do you need motion sickness? Or is it harmful? Some pediatricians do not advise buying pendulum-pendulums, referring to the weak vestibular apparatus of crumbs. They talk about the formation of the habit of motion sickness in children, but several nights spent under continuous infant crying undermine the inflexibility of mothers in following the useful and intelligent advice of professionals. Therefore, a compromise can serve as a bed-transformer. It can be used as a cradle-rocking chair, and if necessary, stoppers, blocking the pendulum, turn it into a regular fixed bed.

where to buy a crib for a newborn
The little man has many things to storewhich are provided with boxes. How to choose a crib for the newborn with built-in elements, so that the baby does not breathe in the accumulating dust? First of all, there should not be a big gap between the drawer and the bottom. Well, if the built-in container is equipped with a lid. But it's more reasonable to look at a small chest of drawers.

The difficult question of how to choose a crib fornewborn, requires attention not only to detail, but also suggests a look into the future of the baby. Imagine your baby growing up and already learning to crawl, he needs freedom of movement, he boldly starts to storm the cribs and, like a small monkey, climbs over the rail. So, so that your conqueror of the peaks does not fall and do not hurt himself, "pile up straws" beforehand. It is enough to buy a crib with a removable front wall or removable rods.

Whichever bed you take care of the baby, the main thing is that your love and affection for the little native man.

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