Armchairs-beds without armrests - alternative to traditional beds

A full sleep, as doctors do not tire of saying,is a guarantee of good health and a stable psyche. But what to do if the dimensions of your apartment do not allow you to equip a full bedroom. Yes there! You can not put a sofa in your room, otherwise you will have to sacrifice, for example, a workplace. Unfortunately, many live in fairly modest (almost cramped) conditions. Some people are forced to periodically withdraw from their seats and move. Here you can not drag yourself along with cumbersome beds and sofas.

armchairs without armrests
But do not despair, compact armchairs-beds without armrests - a great alternative to the usual for us designs designed for sleep. And sleeping on them is much more pleasant than on the floor.

There is an opinion that these pieces of furniture are notcan serve as a full replacement bed. This statement is true for obsolete cheap models. Modern versions are equipped with a reliable spring unit, their transforming mechanisms are designed for multiple loads, and special dustproof padding is suitable even for allergy sufferers.

Armchairs-beds without armrests are wideabout one and a half meters (sometimes more, sometimes less), even a semi-crowbar bed already. In the unfolded form, an adult person of rather large growth easily settles on them.

armchair bed without armrests inexpensive
By the way about the mechanisms of transformation. The most common are the French, the sofa and the accordion. Perhaps, one of the unloved, albeit inexpensive, is the method called the "French clamshell." Quite often it causes a dull irritation at nightly unfolding.

The second position on the popularity of withdrawableway "sofa". But the leader all recognize the chair-bed "accordion". Without the armrests, which only give the product a cumbersomeness, this model will modestly be placed in the corner of the room. And at night will turn into a comfortable bed. Even a child can stretch an accordion. The mechanism is simple and therefore reliable.

chair accordion bed without armrests
If you are still concerned about healthy sleep onthese designs, then look at the orthopedic models. Such an armchair without armrests can not be bought inexpensively, but you also wanted to get an ergonomic device that will adjust to the features of your spine and relieve the load from the patient's back. You can compare prices for mattresses with orthopedic effect and similar chairs for the sake of curiosity.

However, the spring blocks also ensure the correct position of the sleeping body. The same characteristics are filled with polyurethane foam.

Armchair-beds without armrests are also performed inchild option. Families in which several children are forced to share a nursery room can be advised to use special models. And that children do not fall from them, manufacturers equip their products with fixed side backs.

Stylish armchair-beds without armrests withoriginal bright design can transform the situation, becoming that memorable detail that literally attracts attention. And even if you grow thin over time, spacious apartments, these designs will become a wand-zashchalochka in the case when it is necessary to attach a grown-up acquaintance.

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