Adapter to the motor block with the steering. Design Features

More and more owners of private farmsteadsacquire (or make by their own hands) the technique that makes it easier to work. And one of the most popular of its species is the motoblock. It can be equipped with various attachments. The only drawback - the lack of space for the driver. Solve this problem will help the adapter to the power unit with the steering. This is the most convenient option for operation.

The adapter is what?

The adapter is a conventional trolley,which due to a reliable construction is attached to the motor block. It moves on wheels due to the draft force of the motor block motor. A driver's seat is attached to the trolley, on which you can control the equipment.

adapter to the power unit with steering

There are several types of adapters. They differ in their design, method of control and coupling with the motor block. Adapter to the motorized unit with a steering, whether it is self-made or factory, is characterized by the presence of a steering wheel. This greatly facilitates the management of equipment during operation.

Design Features

The adapter to the power unit with the steering is equipped with a steering drive, made in the form of a separate unit, and a rigid coupling, by means of which the construction is connected to the motor block.

front power steering unit with steering

There are two variants of adapters with steeringmanagement. They differ among themselves the location of the wheels: front or rear. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the purpose according to which the structure will be assembled. Also, the choice of the assembly option is influenced by the availability of spare parts.

If the structure is located in front, then sayabout the front adapter for the power unit with the steering. In this case, the motor block motor pushes the entire structure in front of it. If the unit is located at the rear, and the motor unit pulls it behind, the adapter is rear-trailer.

Picking up our own hands

The adapter to the power unit with the steering is not only available in specialized stores, but can also be assembled in-house. But for this it is necessary to understand which of the main nodes it consists of.

The construction is a frame on whichfixed driver's seat. To it is attached a wheel axle with wheels: rubber or metal. The first option is suitable in cases where road traffic is planned. For work in the field metal wheels are better suited.

self-made adapter for a power-operated unit with a steering

Another important element is the device,It allows to connect the adapter to the motor block. This coupling mechanism is the most vulnerable element of this design. Most often for its manufacture use steel or cast iron. Individual elements are welded together. In form, the coupling can be of several types. The most popular is the U-shaped version - the most stable during movement and operation.

During the operation of the device, it is importanttake into account the location of the engine. The front adapter for the power unit with the steering is assembled taking into account the width of the track of the base wheels. When using this option, the track should be wider. Otherwise, the technician can not balance correctly. If there is no possibility to increase the gauge width of the adapter, it is possible to increase the bridge of the motor block itself.

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