Building and finishing a children's room

Building a children's room, and even more sointerior decoration and decoration - a serious matter, requiring a thorough, thoughtful approach. The child's organism is more susceptible to artificial materials than the adult, therefore the requirements for the construction and equipment of a room for children require a special approach.

For example, floor coverings, such as linoleum,laminate or parquet have their pros and cons. So, the parquet is unpretentious, but the water or juice spilled on it will immediately make itself felt by the appearance of ugly bright spots, which are quite difficult to remove. The floors, finished with tiles or mosaic pattern, look very beautiful, they are easy to remove and the strength of this material is beyond doubt. A metal mosaic, laid out around the perimeter of the room, will be an undoubted adornment of the interior in the style of high-tech.

The only "but" - this floor is a bit coldfor preschool and primary school children. To raise the temperature of the floor, you can refer to the latest technologies that will make the floor in the children's room warm and playable not only in the summer, but also in a cooler period. The floor can be heated using energy-dependent systems (electric or water). Packed according to all the rules, they will provide the child with a favorable microclimate in this zone. Select a decent material for floor design will help online mosaic shop - its rich assortment, new approaches to construction and repair, modern technologies will make the children's room stylish and practical.

Теплый кафельный или мозаичный пол в детской – original solution. It will not become a source of dust and pathogens. This floor is not afraid of scratches and sprays. He will not be obliterated from riding a bicycle and practicing on sports equipment. It is worth paying attention to these materials when planning repairs.

Not a bad material to cover the floors in the nurseryroom - marmoleum. It is made of natural and environmentally friendly components: cork, natural resins and flaxseed oil. All these components are considered non-toxic and hypoallergenic. In addition, they well tolerate minor damage, spilled coloring liquids and deformation. Such a coating is not cheap. But quality, elasticity and inner warmth are worth it. This floor can be installed without additional heating systems, which will significantly reduce the final cost of repairs.

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