Oil for the reducer of the outboard motor. Motors "Yamaha", "Mercury"

The engine of the motor boat has certainfeatures. In accordance with them, manufacturers develop lubricants. The oil must be changed periodically in the motor. The correctness of its choice depends on the duration of the device.

Many varieties of special lubricants are on sale. How to choose the right one oil for the reducer of the outboard motor, help to understand the advice of experts. The basic criteria for selection should be known to every owner of such a technique.

Features of the outboard motor

Boating Yamaha engines, "Mercury", "Tohatsu" and other manufacturerscertain design features. A user who has encountered the need to service such equipment for the first time should carefully examine all the nuances of this process.

Oil for the reducer of the outboard motor

First of all, it should be noted that filling insuch equipment is prohibited. The fact is that a small amount of water can enter the reducer. While the engine is new, this does not happen. However, when the rubber seals and seals are worn out, this situation is not ruled out. Car oil, mixed with water, will turn into an emulsion. In this case, the elements of the mechanism are rapidly destroyed. Soon it will be necessary to change the engine.

Specials Boat Oils for transmission have in their compositiona certain set of additives. They prevent emulsion formation, prevent corrosion. Therefore, only special lubricants should be used for the boat engine.

Why change the oil?

In the course of their work, the movable elements of the engine can be destroyed due to friction. To prevent this from happening, special lubricants are used. Oil for the reducer of the outboard motor can reduce the heating and friction of moving parts, prolonging the life of the engine.

What oil should be poured into the reducer of the outboard motor

The composition of such tools includes a certainadditive set. They enhance the action of the lubricant, preventing the occurrence of corrosion, washing away impurities and keeping them in a suspended state. Over time, the additives lose their protective ability. Pollution, carbon deposits begin to accumulate in the oil. If the lubricant is not replaced in time, they will settle on the surfaces of the parts. It will be difficult for the motor to work. Particles of dirt will destroy the elements of the mechanism. Also, if the transmission gets into the water, rust will form. To prevent this from happening, you should change the oil in time.


Considering, what oil is poured into the reducer of the outboard motor, it is necessary to consider such an important indicator,as viscosity. It is customary to classify it in accordance with the SAE standard. Most engines require the use of gear lubricant class 80W-90. For stationary versions of motors, it is necessary to purchase oil with a viscosity index of 85W-90.

Motors of Yamaha

This standard is not the only criterionwhen choosing lubricants for the motor. Many manufacturers label their products in accordance with the API system. It distinguishes two classes of viscosity for motor boat engines. Oil grade GL-4 is used to service hypoid, cone gear. They have a slight displacement of the axles during the movement. Such motors can operate in different conditions. Usually they alternate. After a heavy load, the motor requires a reduction in speed.

Transmission oil for gearboxes class GL-5 is used for loaded hypoidgear. In them there is a significant displacement of the axes during the movement. To ensure the normal operation of the engine even in harsh conditions, such materials have more additives in the composition than those of the previous class.

Original or equivalent?

When choosing, what oil is poured into the reducer of the outboard motor, users can face a largethe number of different lubricants. Its cost differs depending on the manufacturer. To make the right choice, first of all it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions of the equipment manufacturer.

Boat Oils

In the manual must indicate what kind of oilscan be used for a particular motor. In the manufacture of such equipment tests are carried out. Not all lubricant manufacturers provide suitable characteristics for their products.

When running a new engine, it is necessary tomandatory use of special oil, which allows the use of the engine manufacturer. This tool costs more than its counterparts, but its technical characteristics will preserve the integrity of all engine parts even with significant overloads. Analogues can be used after a certain period of operation of the engine. However, their technical characteristics must fully comply with the requirements of the manufacturer.

Engine "Yamaha", "Tohatsu"

Yamaha Motors have hypoid gears. The manufacturer of the presented equipment has developed a special line of tools that are suitable for such engines. It's called Gear Oil. For all of its engines, the manufacturer recommends purchasing the GL-4 viscosity class.

Transmission oil for gearboxes

Such lubricants were tested indifferent conditions in the development of Yamaha engines. Their quality and compliance with the high technical requirements of the manufacturer confirms Yamaha Marine. The oil film, which is formed on the moving elements, effectively prevents the appearance of rust, the formation of an emulsion. It is resistant to high temperatures. The oil has good cleaning properties.

Tohatsu does not foresee the use offor its equipment a certain brand of lubricants. The oil producer can be any. However, the technical characteristics of lubricants must comply with the GL-5 class.

The Mercury engine

Choosing oil in the reducer of the boat motor "Mercury", it is extremely important to read the recommendationsmanufacturer. This company provides for the use of its lubricants for the Quicksilver line. It includes several varieties of transmission oils.

One of the most popular species isseries Premium. It is used for gearbox motors with a capacity of 75 liters. from. And this oil can be used for boat engines of other manufacturers. This is a high-quality, high-tech tool.

Oil in the reducer of the boat motor Mercury

For outboard motors with a capacity of more than 75 liters. from., and also stationary engines of class MerCruiser the manufacturer has created greasing High Performance. It is also noted that it is forbidden to mix oils of different series. If a tool of a certain class was initially used in the engine, it is not recommended to change it. The composition of such tools includes various additive packages that can conflict with each other.

The amount of oil in the engine

To determine, how much oil to fill the reducer of the outboard motor, it is necessary to look into the manufacturer's instructions. It provides detailed information about the capacity of the engine. The motor gearbox increases in proportion to its power. However, this indicator may differ for different manufacturers.

To determine how much oil you will need to purchase to maintain the equipment, you need to consider the average capacity of the presented equipment.

If the motor has a capacity of up to 6 liters. from., you need to pour about 200 ml of oil. With this increase to 18 liters. with., you need to buy more than 370 ml of lubricant. Reducer motor up to 30 liters. from. will require about 450 ml of the drug, and more than 70 liters. from. - 900 ml. This characteristic must be recognized in the engine operating instructions.

Checking the oil level

Oil for the reducer of the outboard motor must be monitored in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Depending on the frequency of operation of the boat, as well as the loading of equipment.

To check the amount of lubrication in the gearbox,you need to perform a certain procedure. First, the engine should be placed vertically on the transom (if the boat is on the shore of the reservoir) or on a special stand. At the top left of the reducer is a control hole.

Then turn off the plug. Insert the dipstick into the hole on the gearbox. For this, even an ordinary toothpick or match will do. After extraction of the probe, its state is evaluated. If it is dry, add oil.

Preparing to replace the oil

Considering, how to change the oil in the reducer of the outboard motor, it is necessary to pay attention to the preparation for thisprocess. All the necessary materials, tools should be at hand. The waste oil must be drained into a basin or other container. The volume of this dish must be selected in accordance with the volume of the reducer.

How much oil to fill the reducer of the outboard motor

It is also necessary to prepare a slotted screwdriver,new rubber gaskets for cork. During operation, a special pump is required if the engine has more power and capacity. He will let the oil in. For small motors, the lubricant is poured in through the nozzle. Also, you need to prepare the necessary amount of new oil.

Change of oil

After installing the motor on the stand, under itsubstitution basin. At the bottom of the engine there is a cork, which must be unscrewed. Merge the work. The upper plug is also unscrewed. The old grease will drain into the container for about 10 minutes. At this time, you need to change the oil seals. It is impossible to wash the reducer with gasoline. It will damage the rubber gaskets, and the inside will get water.

The nozzle of the tube is inserted into the lower openinglubrication (if the motor is small) or the nozzle of the pump. Gradually it is necessary to pour the oil inside. It should appear from the upper inspection hole. While holding the tube or pump, it is necessary to tighten the upper plug.

Then quickly close the bottom hole. A small amount of lubricant will still flow out, but it's not scary. Then the oil level is checked in the upper control hole. If it is insufficient, add lubricant. The reducer is wiped off, and the workings are transferred to a special reception point for processing.

Having considered what is oil for the reducer of the outboard motor, You can select and replace it yourself.

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