Roofs made of metal - easy and convenient

This material has become known not so long ago, but since its inception has become widespread. Roofs of metal tiles have proved to be reliable and practical.


As a roofing material this material hassuch features as affordable price, simple work technique, light weight. Metal tiles are available in several types, and in order to find the right coating, you need to know their differences.

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Metal tile can vary in performance.

1. Material of manufacture

Today, there is a great demand forbecome. The sheets have a galvanized coating and a protective sheath. This increases their resistance to the environment. Light and durable, but more expensive - tiles made of aluminum. It also has a protective coating to extend the service life, but has a limited color gamut. Copper sheets that decorate old buildings and architectural monuments are also used for these purposes. This material does not require a protective coating. Over time, a green patina appears on the sheets, which will act as a protective layer.

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2. Depth and geometry of the insole

Since the material differs in the depth of the waves and their structure, the roofs from metal tiles always have their own unique pattern. By these parameters it is divided into species.

  • Monterey, for example, is very popular withpopulation due to external similarities with natural tiles. It differs from other roundness of the profile, it can be with symmetrical or asymmetrical steps.
  • Cascade recognized as the most economical material. This was influenced by the large mounting width and straight-line shape of the product, which makes it possible to use sheets on complex roofs. Roofs made of metal of this type are obtained with clear and straight lines, proportionality of the classical style is formed.
  • Banga is a new kind of metal tile. It is distinguished by a high wave height, due to a reduction in the mounting width. This geometry creates a visual three-dimensional effect. This type of building is used where there is a small roof area.
  • Andalusia - Another novelty with a feature. The product is attached to hidden fasteners, which require a very frequent crate. Country - The roofing of this type of metal tile will look and have all the properties and qualities of a natural product.

3. Protective covering

As a protective coating, suchsubstances like polyester, pural, plastisol. All of them have excellent qualities for resistance to precipitation, temperature changes, are not influenced by the sun.

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Agree, it's beautiful if the house is decorated with a roof frommetal tile. Its prices are not high, on average they start from 269 rubles. Will only buy the right amount of material - and you can start work. Simplicity and ease of installation - such qualities have a roof made of metal. The work will not take long. The main thing is that the designed crate fit under the shape of the product.

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