Metal cascade "Cascade" - strength and originality of the structure for many years

In the construction of the house there are no small things, at each stageit is important to follow the technology. As the building rises the question of choosing a decent roofing material, which embodies all the customer's wishes. Roof work requires special attention. From the appearance, the strength of the selected material, the aesthetic appearance and longevity of the entire building depends, as well as the safety and tranquility of all living in the house. Increasingly among the variety of building materials for roofing work, metal roofing is chosen.

What to prefer?

The market of roofing materials allows you to choosethe most suitable material for the roof. If you used to use what you could get: slate, tin coating or roofing material, today new materials have been added to them, and now there are a lot of things to choose from:

• ceramic tiles,
• roll roofing,
• metal roofing.

Metal cascade
Preferred strong roofing sheetchoose the last from the list. And especially popular is the metal tile "Cascade". Preferring this material, often guided by its affordable cost and excellent quality, versatility and original appearance. Active use is a roofing cloth found in low-rise construction of private houses.

Metal cascade "Cascade": material features

When choosing a material, any customer is interested in hischaracteristics, composition and features of production. To produce this roofing sheet, thin sheets of galvanized steel are used, which is covered with several polymer layers. Rolling machines used for production provide an original shape, due to which the metal cascade "Cascade" resembles a classic chocolate bar. Profile galvanized sheets are covered with a primer and phosphate. Materials such as phosphorus and zinc perform a protective function, protecting the web from corrosion.

On the inside is applied the lacquer, and the outerattractiveness provides a polymer coating of Pural and Plastisol, matte polyester and PVDF. These materials protect the canvas from the aggressive effects of the environment and various damages, increasing the strength of the roofing structure. The optimum thickness of the sheets is 0.5 mm. On sale, there are options thinner and thicker, but their use is undesirable. Thin sheets are worse in quality characteristics and strength, and thick products bear a serious load on the roofing structure.

According to the texture, the metal cascade "Cascade" is glossy and matte, metallic and has an embossing, which makes it possible to embody any design idea to the architect.

Used tools for installation works

Installation of metal tile "Cascade" categoricallyit is forbidden to exercise with the help of a Bulgarian. Destructive polymeric coating, abrasive wheels can shorten the service life of the roofing sheet due to the creation of favorable conditions for corrosion.

Mounting of metal cascade
It is recommended to prepare the following tools for laying:

• electric or manual metal scissors,
• Jig saw with electric drive,
• Cutting shears,
• Saw-saw,
• saw blade, equipped with winning taps,
• screwdriver on the battery,
• a hammer,
• rule,
• Marker for markup.

Mounted metal tile "Cascade" (photo is presented in the article) easily and quickly.

Mounting Features

The main condition of tightness and durabilityroof is the correct installation of the roofing cloth. Economy is considered one of the main advantages of the material, so the metal tile "Cascade" reviews have only positive. Due to the small coefficient of overlap and light weight, the material is laid very easily.

Dimensions of metal cascade
At the design stage of the building it is desirableto consider the step of the roofing, which is provided for this roofing cloth: it should not exceed 900 mm, and also consider the width of the insulation mats.

Metal tile is used for roofing, gradewhich exceeds 14 degrees. The length of the sheet is chosen taking into account the length of the roof slope. And by measuring the length from the eaves to the ridge of the structure, it is necessary to allow 40-50 mm in order to have the overhang of the cornice, then the length of the ramp should be compared with the length of the chosen roofing cloth.

Sheets of metal tile are laid on the layerwaterproofing, which is laid on the insulation, and from the attic side installation of a vapor barrier layer is recommended. Between the waterproofing film and roofing sheets there should be space for ventilation.

Internal aprons are mounted in placesabutting sheets of metal to the walls. For fixing roofing sheets, special self-tapping screws are used with a sealed gasket. Ridge elements are mounted after laying the material on all the roof slopes.

Advantages of roofing

Metal tile "Cascade" reviews from developers has a positive because of the possibility of economical consumption of material, which is possible due to a minimal overlap at the joints.

Metal cascade: reviews
The following subspecies of this roofing can be distinguished: "Cascade of elites", "Cascade super" and simply "Cascade". Qualitative advantages are high:

• environmental safety of the material,
• fire resistance,
• increased resistance to environmental influences,
• rigid longitudinal and transverse profile,
• good adhesion density of the accompanying elements,
• the dimensions of the metal cascade "Cascade" allow to avoid a large number of seams, and the capillary groove at the joints provides high tightness,
• anticorrosive polymer coating,
• Simplicity and economy of installation.
• high mounting and technical capabilities, perfectly implemented on the roofs of the most complex architectural forms,
• durability and strength,
• original elegant appearance,
• Wide color palette.

Tips and tricks for installation

1. The consumption of self-tapping screws per square meter is 6-8 pieces per sheet.
2. Installation work should be carried out in comfortable shoes with a soft sole, should follow the deflections and grooves of the roofing sheet.
3. Pitched roofs require stubs on skates, the shape of which is chosen at the request of the customer.
4. It is necessary to strictly observe the pattern of the tile and not to confuse the top and bottom of the sheet during installation. Optimal styling - from left to right.
5. The end blocks are mounted on the end of the roof overlap of 10-15 cm.

Metal cascade, photo
When choosing this high-tech roofing material, the building acquires a unique individual image. The strength of the roof will be appreciated by the descendants of the customer.

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