Which metal is better? Specifications, prices, reviews

Metal tile - popular modernmaterial, which allows to cover the roof and protect it from various influences. Depending on the features of appearance, installation, color solution and service life, it is possible to choose varieties of this material. What metal is better and what to look for when choosing?

Material Features

what metal is better

Metal tile is a modern roofingmaterial with which you can cover any pitched roof, the slope of which is not more than 12 degrees. Thanks to the spectacular imitation of the tiled coating, the reliability of metal and high wear resistance, it is in great demand in modern construction. What metal is better and which option is suitable for this or that roof construction?

What are the advantages?

Metal tile is one of the popular modern materials, which has a number of features. The positive properties of this roofing material include:

  1. Simplicity of packing. Due to the optimal length of the metal tile sheets it is easy to fit in comparison with other materials.
  2. Rich color scheme. Perhaps, this is the most important advantage of this material: modern manufacturers offer tiles in more than 10 colors.
  3. Durability of service. Metal roofing is an advantageous solution, since it can last for about 50 years, provided it is properly used.
  4. The cost. Compared with many other materials, this differs in an affordable price, especially if we take into account the total cost of the whole roofing pie with metal tiles.
  5. Light weight.Most roofing materials are quite heavy, and this one is lightweight and simple in design. Most often, a square meter of metal tiles weighs about 4-7 kg. This, in turn, reduces the cost of transportation.
  6. Resistance to atmospheric precipitation.The material has a smooth, even surface, from which water flows easily and snow falls. In addition, the operation of the roof is possible in all climatic conditions.

The thickness of the sheet plays a role!

The thickness of the metal tile is one of the mainIndicators that favor the choice of a particular species. Standards say that the thickness of the sheet can not be less than 0.5 mm. But the modern market offers materials of smaller thickness - 0.45 and 0.4 mm. True, the first option is advisable to use when building temporary buildings, arbors, canopies, and the second is poorly suited even for these purposes.

roofing metal roofing

A sheet of metal can also be of greater thickness.For example, Ruukki offers a material that has a thickness of more than 0.5 mm. It is worth remembering that the thicker the sheet, the less influence it will have on it during transport and the dross seam will be imperceptible.

What material?

Metal tile is made of cold-rolledsteel hot dip galvanizing, which has gone through all the stages of a complex processing process. To increase the resistance to corrosion of the material, manufacturers cover the sheet with phosphate layer, then treated with a primer. Its task is to promote better adhesion to the decorative polymer coating. The profile of the metal tile on the back is covered with a transparent varnish, which protects the surface from mechanical impact. Outside, that is, on the front side, a decorative colored polymer coating of metal tiles is used. It consists of several layers:

  • steel sheet;
  • a layer of zinc;
  • anticorrosive protective coating;
  • primers;
  • decorative color coating based on polymer;
  • protective varnish.

Remember when choosing that roofingmetal tiles do not always have all of the above layers - some manufacturers do not intentionally apply a primer or phosphate layer, thereby reducing product quality.

What cover?

cost of metal

The quality of the finishing material depends on the fact,how thoroughly the manufacturer relates to the production process. The coating for this material plays an important role, and one company can apply it, and the second - no. What metal is better in the end? Of course, the one that has a sufficient degree of galvanizing is not less than 275 g of zinc per 1 sq. Km. m of metal. In addition, the material is always processed by different types of top decorative coating. The most common are:

  • polyester;
  • pural;
  • plastisol;
  • PVDF.

Polyester: simple and reliable

This is the most popular coating of metal,which is also called polyester enamel. The top layer of this polymer is applied at a standard thickness of 25 μm. The coating is easily damaged, for example, by scratches, but they are easy to paint over. Polyester layer is characterized by high corrosion resistance, UV stability, the ability to use in any climatic conditions. Some manufacturers offer sheets that cover a smaller thickness - up to 20 microns. Remember that this coating is not enough to use the material as a roofing material.

A variety of polyester is mattePolyester, which has a large thickness - 35 microns. As a consequence, it is more resistant to various influences, is characterized by better plasticity. Its advantage is also in a more noble appearance.

Pural: Finnish innovation

thickness of metal

This Finnish coating has a layer thickness of 50 μm,is characterized by greater durability, silky-matte gloss of the surface. Its advantages - in the absence of cracks when bending and working with it, so it is recommended to use a material with such coating even in conditions of unfavorable climate.


Metal roofing can be covered andplastisol, consisting of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. This coating is special: the thickness of its layer reaches 200 microns, so the surface can be applied relief embossing with a pattern. In addition, it has better performance characteristics, but does not feel very well under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, such a metal tile should not be used in a hot climate.

Plastisol PVDF (PVDF)

This coating has a maximum thickness of 30 μm,consists of acrylic and vinylidene fluoride. A distinctive feature - in the glossy surface for metallic, which is resistant to various negative effects and is able to be used in any climatic conditions.

Shape and color

square metal tile

Which material is better in terms of color andgeometric solution? There is no clear answer, since these parameters are dictated solely by the taste preferences of the owner of the house. The most popular color in our country is red and its shades, which look stylish and modern. But it is worth remembering that dark colors burn more quickly in the sun, and especially bright against the backdrop of building looks bright metal.

From the point of view of geometry, this material is one of themost capricious. In the production of an important role is the accuracy of dimensions - length, width, height of the sheet, profile shapes and the thickness of the metal. All these indicators are important for the final product. On any roof will be harmonious look piece square metal, allowing to create even designs of unusual shape.

Depending on the height of the wave can varysheet stiffness: the higher the relief, the less flexible the material becomes. Modern metal tile is presented in two dimensional forms: a small wave (up to 50 mm) and a high wave (above 50 mm). In this case, the profile itself is either symmetrical or asymmetric.

Popular types (profiles) of metal tile

A classic option for all types of roofs -tile "Monterrey", which is presented in a wide range of colors from different shades and with different covers. The installation of this material is carried out overlapping, it is obligatory with the use of a crate, sealant and special screws for reliable fastening. This is the most popular metal roof tile in the Russian market. The cost of it is from 230 rubles per square meter.

The second most popular metal tile is the "Cascade".It is characterized by rectilinear shapes resembling a chocolate bar. It is advisable to use it for laying on a large roof area. Its main advantages are the evenness of the relief pattern and the presence of decorative channels. The cost of metal tile - from 170 rubles per square meter.

roofing metal

There are also more expensive varieties of thismaterial. So, the cost of metal tiles "Andalusia" starts at 300 rubles per square meter, the slats are made with imitation of natural classical tiles. It is distinguished by the presence of internal fasteners, thanks to which the joints are well hidden. Covered with a metal roof, the roof looks like a single whole.

The profiles "Spanish Dune", "Banga", "Pamir", "Shanghai", etc. are less popular.

And who is the manufacturer?

When deciding which metal tile is better,attention to the brand and origin of the material. If you are looking for products of Russian production, pay attention to the materials of the Odintsovo lightweight construction plant. He produces metal, covered with the most popular compositions and created in accordance with the latest technology. The company offers several unique collections of material that will last about 15 years with proper operation.

Mera System is a metal tile Swedishproduction. The products are created from steel sheets 0.45 mm thick, which are galvanized on both sides. The material will become a reliable protection of any roof structure, is capable of withstanding climatic differences and a great influence of precipitation.

Well proven Finnishmetal tile Poimukate. The production is carried out in accordance with European quality standards of steel, after which the material is coated with a zinc protective layer. The thickness of the sheet is 0.5 mm, while the tile is with a high wave, so that the roof will be more expressive and voluminous. Properly selected polymer coatings significantly increase the service life of the material, the warranty for which is about 20-30 years.

metal coating

Another popular Finnish metal tile -of the brand Takotta. It attracts attention by its appearance: a wide choice of colors, various drawings that imitate natural materials, give the tile an interesting look. The thickness of the coating is used up to 0.5 mm, therefore it will serve as a reliable protection against various effects. This manufacturer pays close attention to the quality of its products, which has proven itself from the best side.

Many good reviews received productsRussian company Grand Line, which is engaged in the production of piece shingles to order. The production is carried out with the use of copper, zinc-titanium, aluminum, while the metal roof will make the roof of any configuration interesting. The original shingles made of copper look original on the roof - an exquisite material that will make the exterior of any house unique. Due to the durability, excellent chemical characteristics, the necessary flexibility, it can be used even on roofs of complex configuration. The most durable material - zinc-titanium piece metal, which has unique characteristics.

metal sheet

A lot of good reviews about the products of the Finnishcompany Ruukki, which offers a wide selection of metal. Its main features include unique performance characteristics, stylish appearance, the choice of 7 collections of material. The design is designed so that the roof looks neat, modern and harmonious.

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