Care of the orchids in the vase

Care of the orchids in the vase, which is often presented as a gift for the holiday, is an uncomplicated, albeit somewhat troublesome business.

care for orchids

Exotic flowers in glass vessels

Orchids are often exported from countries of South-East Asiain small sealed flasks. Glass containers with vandas, phalaenopsis and oncidiums are very effective and compact. By purchasing such an orchid, you can try your hand at the role of an amateur florist. From a small seedling you can grow a full grown plant. And if you are presented with an already formed copy, the proper care of the orchids will help prolong her life and preserve the beauty of the flower.

Orchid in Vase Care

For example, the blue vanda looks very stylish andimpressively. It has spectacular flowers of unusual shape. Such an orchid in a vase, care for which must be permanent and competent, can live long enough, pleasing the surrounding healthy appearance. First select the capacity for the flower. It is best if the vase is wider from the bottom and narrowed upward. This will prevent excessive moisture loss by the substrate. Wanda orchids are most often sold in cylindrical flasks. Leave them in these containers is not very useful. After all, the lower leaves in this vessel are in a crumpled position, they can break and bend. This can generally lead to their withering away. Humidity inside such a cylindrical flask is often excessive, and ventilation is inadequate. This can provoke the multiplication of bacteria or the appearance of a fungal infection. The roots and leaves affected by this disease are extremely difficult to cure. To resist this, caring for orchids should include a timely transplant. The first time this should be done a few months after the acquisition. Also care for orchids implies a special ritual of watering the flower. It must be removed from the flask, immersed in a separate bowl of water for a while. Then, having dried, the orchid is returned back to the vase. To the flower was more convenient to care for, arrange it so that the roots remain inside the container. A flower spike should be outside.

Miltonia Orchid: Care and Secrets of Growth

Miltonia Orchid Care
This flower, resembling a flock of hugebright butterflies, something like a giant pansy. It belongs to the group of oncidiums. Hybrid varieties are more unpretentious and hardy. Orthodontic miltonia is an epiphyte. She comes from Colombia and Brazil. Care for her is quite simple. However, you need to know some rules that will have to be strictly adhered to. The first taboo is about watering. Water procedures should be performed only in the daytime. Evening watering can seriously damage your orchid - in fact at night the plant is slightly cooled. And because of the presence of excess moisture in the pallet, the temperature drop can be excessive. The second rule is that water should be boiled and filtered. Also it should be heated in the cold season. Distilled water is harmful if used for irrigation. But it is quite suitable for wiping leaves - due to the lack of some chemical compounds in it there will be no stains.

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