Houseplants: what are, what kinds exist

The world of indoor flowers is huge. Every year it is replenished with new indoor plants. What are they and what kinds of species are they? Let's try to understand these issues.

All existing plant species are assembled into families, and those into groups. They are united by the rules of care, reproduction, they can differ in type, appearance, but have similar characteristics.

House plants what are


What are houseplants, which families exist?

What are houseplants

There are several large groups of indoor plants. It:

  1. Amaralic - they include amaralys, gipeastrums, eucharis.
  2. Agave. This group includes more than three hundred species of plants. Representatives of farmed at home are: agave, yucca, cardleans, sansevieri, dracenes.
  3. Acanthus - perennial plants that have inflorescences in the form of an ear. Representatives of the group are: hypoestheses, cross-dresses, tunbergia, beloperone, fittonia.
  4. Aralievye - representatives of the group are promissory, ivy, fatsia, etc.
  5. Aroids - this group includes more than a hundred genera. Most often in the room conditions monsters, dienenbachia, alocacia, feces, anthuriums, caladiums are grown.
  6. Balsamic. Representatives of the group are balsam and impatisy.
  7. Begonievye. This group includes only one genus - begonias. They can be very different, from decorative deciduous to beautifully flowering, capable of pleasing abundant flowers all year round.
  8. Bromeliads. Representatives of the group are plants with a weak root system. These are guzmania, cryptanthus, bromelia and many others. In total there are more than 1500 species.
  9. Heather - this is more than a hundred genera, including several thousand species of plants. At home, rhododendrons, dabies, agapentes are most often grown.
  10. Verbena. Bright representatives of the group are clerodendrons and lanthanum.
  11. Geranium. This includes familiar geraniums, pelargoniums.
  12. Gesner. This is an epic, gloxinia, achymenes, eschinanthus, senpolia, streptocarpuses.
  13. Gubotsvetnye. In the room, hooves are usually grown.
  14. Kiprejnye. A prominent representative of the group are fuchsias.
  15. Kutrovye. In the group more than 170 genera. What kinds of indoor plants are in this group? The most unusual and still rare are cataracts, oleanders, periwinkles, adeniums.
  16. Lasty. Here there are more than 2000 species of different kinds, among them hoyi.
  17. Liliaceae. The group includes: aloe, gloriosa, haworthia, chlorophytum.
  18. Malvaceae. The most common are hibiscus and abutilone.
  19. Marantovye. There are only three types: the mananta, the kalatea and the kentanta.
  20. Euphorbia. The most beautiful representatives of this group are the codes and poentesia.
  21. Orchid. The group includes more than three thousand different plants. This is not only phalaenopsis and dendrobiums, but also cymbidiums, cattleya and some other representatives of the group.
  22. Complex color. This is the largest group, in which more than a thousand births. Representatives of the group are cineraria, chrysanthemums, ginuras.
  23. Thick. They are annual and perennial. They include Kalanchoe, sedum, Aeonium. There are about 1550 species of plants in the group.

Remember, what are houseplants, their names, it is impossible.

What house plants are photos

Therefore, for convenience, all plants can be conditionally divided into ornamental plants, ornamental flowers, succulents and cacti, fruit types.


All the representatives of the group, with proper care, are able to maintain their decorative qualities for many years. Practically all year round there are green leaves. Decorative house plants what are?

What house plants are

This group includes the most diverse families:

  • Aglaoneme.
  • Dieffenbachia.
  • Maranta.
  • Kalatei.
  • Begonia and others.

In each genus there are several representatives, which are classified as decorative-deciduous.

Ornamental flowers

All indoor plants that bloom for a long timetime with beautiful flowers, refer to ornamental flowering. This group includes plants of different genera. It may be some representatives of the Gesnerian, orchid, begonias.

What are houseplants - names

The image will help you figure out what houseplants are. The photo will show one of the most attractive and common types of ornamental flowering plants.

What kinds of indoor plants are

Succulents and cacti

Cacti and succulents are also indoorplants. What are the representatives of this type? This includes all types of indoor plants that are highly resistant to drought. The most beautiful and still rare are species and hybrid adeniums. And more often at lovers of indoor flowers there are different varieties of Kalanchoe, Aloe, Agave, Tolstianka, Euphorbia, Guernia, Haworthia.


This is a relatively small group, in whichseveral plants grown at home. Fruit house plants what are? These are lemons, mandarins, pomegranates, pineapples, kiwi, peppers. Recently, new varieties of eggplants, tomatoes and cucumbers have been bred by breeders, which can be grown in room conditions. Connoisseurs of natural food on their windowsills grow micro-green, bows.

House plants what are - lemon


When choosing a plant, it is necessary to consider itfeatures of cultivation. Some of the indoor flowers love the sun, while others under direct sunlight receive severe burns and lose their decorative effect. There are plants that are located on the northern windows, shade-tolerant. Some plants have an unusual flavor. It can come not only from the flowers themselves, but also from leaves, stems. One such are pelargonium, geranium, hibiscus, indoor roses, citrus fruits. In the latter, the aroma comes from the leaves, if they are slightly rubbed.

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