Why are the sizes of plasterboard important?

When repairing an apartment for the popularity of drywallyields only to the wallpaper. An important role is played by the dimensions of gypsum board when choosing it, since the installation technology and the convenience of finish finish depend on them.

Types of plasterboard

Depending on the thickness of the drywall sheet (GCR)and its properties (moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, universal) distinguish three main directions of its application: ceiling, wall and arched. Also distinguish types of GCR by type of edge (straight, semicircular, rounded or tapered), which is usually indicated in the labeling of the sheet.

dimensions of plasterboard

Finishing of different surfaces is advisableperform from different types of GCR, which have not only different thicknesses, but also different lengths. In this case, the standard size of gypsum board provides a uniform width for all types of GCR - 1.2 meters.

Dimensions of various types of plasterboard

To easily and accurately make repairs, you needKnow the dimensions of drywall, designed for different sites. For example, for the device of shelves or niches it is better to use the smallest sheets, and for the device of arches or radius bends on ceilings - the thinnest.

standard drywall size

The most flexible and elastic is an arched gypsum board with a sheet thickness of only 6.5 millimeters. With its help sheathed round, semicircular, curved openings.

Plasterboard wall is the most in demandToday, since the standard size of a sheet of drywall, with a width of 12.5 mm, is suitable both for installation on walls, and for the device of internal partitions, boxes, niches, shelves.

The greatest controversy among repairmen isthe thickness of the ceiling GCR. It is clear that I want to reduce the weight of the ceiling structure, save on the profiles, which is why most people use the GKL sheets with a thickness of 9 mm for the ceiling. But the producers claim that it is more reasonable to put a wall sheet on the ceiling.

How the dimensions of drywall affect the weight of the structure

standard drywall sheet size

Dimensions of drywall although offered inwide assortment, but standard sheets 6.5 (9.5 or 12.5) х120х2500 (2700, 3000 or 3300) mm are more in demand. However, manufacturers also offer non-standard sizes: small sheets of exactly one-half the size of the standard 1200x600x12.5 mm, which are convenient to work on different heights walls, or with increased thickness of 18, 20 and even 24 mm, which are used in rooms that require high wear resistance and strength.

For the device of partitions, it is better to take sheetslonger length, manufacturers offer in length the dimensions of drywall to 4.8 meters. For radius seals, experts advise using two layers of 9.5-millimeter sheets.

When walling and GKL ceiling, it often becomes necessary to know how many sheets are needed, and what will be the weight of the structure. The table shows the data for the standard wall sheet.

Sheet dimensions (mm)

Weight, kg)

Area (m)2)

Standard sheet of gypsum board wall thickness of 1.25 cm













If the ceiling is calculated, then, for example, 3 m2 ceiling from a standard 9.5-mm sheet will weigh five kilograms less. Accordingly, and the whole construction will be easier.

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