How to make a kitchen yourself for a couple of days

Each person has a desire tocreativity and creation. In some, it manifests itself in the form of writing stunning music, paintings or in creating sculptures, others realize their potential in various handicrafts and crafts. This became especially true in recent times, when prices for some types of goods are quite high, and they can be manufactured independently without special difficulties. Therefore, the question of how to make a kitchen with your own hands is so popular, and many are asked by it - both ordinary homeowners and novice masters.

how to make a kitchen with your own hands

First, you need to draw a drawing of the futurefurniture. For this, it is necessary to make measurements of the room, transfer them to paper, and after that place the prospective cabinets and shelves on the resulting plan. Before you make a kitchen with your own hands, you need to develop each individual piece of furniture. They need to be drawn on separate sheets of paper and decomposed into component parts.

The next stage involves the purchase of materials,strictly based on the created calculations. To do this, you need to contact the company, which sells materials for cabinet furniture, and also has equipment for sawing. They can tell you how to make the kitchen yourself. Using the provided calculations, they will open a sheet of fiberboard (laminated) for the necessary details. At the same time, the price of a sheet of material will grow by only 10%, and the difficulties arising from self-sawing will be reduced three-fold.

 how to make a kitchen yourself

One of the main stages in the question of howmake a kitchen with your own hands, is a veneer sticker. It can be made independently with the help of an iron and a knife, but when buying a sawn-off sheet, the ends can also be glued to the employees of the company, naturally, for a small fee. Thus, in the presence of the master, the details of the future kitchen are already ready for installation.

The assembly of furniture must be carried out with the help ofa special drill and appropriate fasteners - a confirmation. You will also need a special key that can be purchased from the building materials store. Before you make a kitchen yourself, you need to understand that this process involves strict adherence to the previously developed drawings. It is also worth noting that the countertops need to be fastened with corners and small wood screws.

how to make furniture yourself

When all the boxes of the future kitchen are assembled,to install the opening mechanisms on them and the doors themselves. To do this, you may need a special drill bit and the corresponding hardware, which is sold in furniture stores or in construction markets. Also there you can find the guides for drawers and pens.

How to make furniture yourself? The installation of handles and the hanging of cabinets represent the final stage. This process requires special care, so as not to damage the finished furniture in the process of installation.

Thus, the answer to the question of how to makekitchen with their own hands, is relatively simple, but it requires accurate calculations, the ability to think spatially, limiting accuracy in assembling finished products. Then the finished kitchen will not be different from the one created by professionals.

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