How to keep grape cuttings until spring at home?

In traditional practice, the vine is propagated to the commonvegetative way, that is, eyes, cuttings and layers. Such a method is able to ensure the quality reproduction of the particular variety that served as a source of planting material. The question arises as to how to preserve cuttings of grapes until the spring, so that they do not lose the ability to grow rapidly.

how to save grape cuttings before spring

In large-scale production, this plant is notpropagate by means of seeds. This is due to the fact that when sowing it is very rare to obtain vines that would have the same qualities as the mother bush. If breeding works are carried out, hybrid seedlings are often used, which are obtained by simple crossing of suitable parental pairs. That is why growing cuttings or layers is such a popular way of cultivating this plant. Planting material is harvested in autumn, mainly from annual vines, which are cut from fruit bearing plantations. How to save grape cuttings further is a challenge for patient gardeners.

how to save grape cuttings

Selection of planting material

The perfect vine should be absolutely healthy and notthin. Poorly ripe, infected with diseases or pests, as well as too thick a piece is not good. In addition, you can not select pieces that have short or too long internodes, and also - growing on barren bushes. If you do not comply with at least one selection indicator, the search for an answer to the question of how to keep grape cuttings until the spring will be meaningless, since the plant will die or not yield a crop. For harvesting only healthy specimens, a mass selection of the entire fruit-bearing plantation is carried out. The purpose of such an event is to leave as a result only vines that give a tasty and abundant harvest. Selection is carried out on negative or positive grounds, but only the first option is used for clean plantings.

How to keep grape cuttings in winter?

The usual place for keeping vines in cold weatheryear is a dry cellar or a special garden trench. If the cellar was chosen as an answer to the question of how to preserve the grape cuttings until spring, use the following scheme. All prepared vines are stacked, diligently pouring each of the rows slightly moist, but not wet river sand. The layer of such a shelter should be 8-10 cm, and the ambient temperature should not drop below -5aboutC or be above +4aboutC. The ideal option is a constant 0 ° C.

In order not to take away the living space, there wereinvented garden trenches. Experienced gardeners share secrets, how to save cuttings of grapes until spring in special indoor pits. For this shelter, a trench is excavated, having a width of about 1.5 m, and the height of the walls should be equal to a meter. The length of the pit is digested depending on the total amount of planting material.

how to save grape cuttings in winter

Directly above the trench set gableroof of ordinary wooden boards. Top of the construction is covered with scraps of vines and earth - the layer should be about 50 cm. For reliable ventilation from the bottom of the trench and through all the upper shelters, install special air vents. Stacking cuttings in such storage is necessary as well as in a normal cellar. Observing these simple advice and constructing a trench once, for many years you can not worry not only about the wintering of the vines, but also about the storage of many types of garden bushes and flowers.

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