Interior of a small room: modern solution

Often owners of one-room apartmentsare interested in the question of how to visually expand the room, make it as comfortable and functional as possible. Of course, I want to radically change the situation, give the room a stylish look, and at the same time make the room cozy for every member of the family.

small room interior
The interior of a small room can be substantiallytransform. Many people think that the area can be increased only by changing the layout of the apartment house: move the wall, if there is space; Remove the partition between small rooms, combining them into one large room. Of course, this is a primitive method. And how to expand the room, if this is a studio apartment?

To date, there are many wayssolutions to this problem. Bold design ideas, proven modern technologies, as well as small tricks, known to specialists, will help create a unique interior design of a small room.

In order to

small room interior design
You visually expand the interior of a small room, you need to remember a few simple but important professional design tips.

  1. Planning repairs, when painting wallsadhere to light pastel shades. White, pale pink, pale blue, beige, olive tones positively influence the interior of a small room, visually making it bigger. Sex should not be too contrast, otherwise there will be an illusion that the room is very low.
  2. Choose furniture of light tones, while also taking into account the color of the upholstery. It should be the same if possible or in an adjacent color scheme. Do not overstock the room with furniture.
  3. Try to make the room more lit. The optimal solution will be the use of halogen lamps along the perimeter of the ceiling. Do not obscure the window of the room with too heavy, sagging curtains.
  4. The interior of a small room can beImprove, using the method of partitioning the room into functional areas using arches and partitions. This is the best option for a one-room apartment, where there is always a shortage of space.
  5. Using mirrors, decorative glass will make your interior unique and significantly increase the area of ​​the room visually.
  6. A lot of figurines, large paintings on the walls reduce the room. Therefore, the sense of proportion here plays a special role.

interior of a small children's room

How to equip the interior of the children's room

Usually a small, well-lit room is assigned to the children's room when planning the rooms. The interior of a small children's room shouldmatch the age of the child. Designers are advised to apply the zoning method for children. In a place for rest there will be a cot or a sofa. In the playing area - a cabinet or a shelf for toys, a drawing table, a rug.

The room should be lit, but on the windowit is necessary to hang light curtains. It is desirable that the child's room develops his imagination and creativity. Therefore, try to make something small in the interior of a small room, naturally, keeping to the measure. For example, the plants painted on the wall will take your child to a fantastic garden, where your favorite fairy-tale heroes will walk in paths already in the imagination of your baby.

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