Practical finished houses made of foam blocks

Selection of modern building materialsextremely diverse and versatile. Materials produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers using advanced technologies are distinguished by the highest level of quality and the longest possible service life. So-called foam blocks are very popular.

Finished houses made of foam blocks

The technology of their manufacture, in whichprovides for the use of a certain amount of plastic and polyethylene, makes the foam blocks the optimal heat-insulating building material. Finished houses made of foam blocks manufactured in the factory andare installed on the building site with the help of lifting mechanisms. A record short time for the installation of such houses and their extremely low cost have made ready-made houses from foam blocks extremely popular and in demand among customers.

Foam units do not need additionalthermal insulation, they are sufficiently tight and, consequently, noise and water resistant. To produce such a building material, different raw materials of secondary processing are used, so their cost is minimal. Finished houses made of foam blocks economical, functional, cheap and quality. Due to the high level of thermal insulation, there is a significant saving of heat carriers, which is very beneficial for the owner of the house. Penoblok - a warm and durable building material, the period of its operation is almost unlimited. Installation of ready-made structures takes place quickly and in all weather conditions.

Summer houses projects

Of the foam blocks are often built summer cottages,whose projects you can choose at your discretion. At factories there are catalogs of all projects, and there is also an opportunity to order a favorite project of a finished house or cottage. Since such building elements are the cheapest, durable, warm and durable building material, they are in great demand.

How to make a house project from foam blocks, you canfind out on the websites of the manufacturer. Leading architects develop all the construction options to meet the needs of the customer. Houses made of foam blocks are extremely common in all climatic zones of our country and near abroad. Especially often foam blocks are used for building country houses and villas, which is due to the lowest possible price and speed of construction.

How to make a house project from foam blocks

Ready-made houses from foam blocks look elegant,fresh and original. In the country villages, rows of identical, new and elegant houses decorate the streets and delight the eye with novelty, style and exclusivity. The foam blocks are often covered with foam on the outside, plastered and painted in bright colors, usually under the color of the roofing material. It is extremely impressive and looks smart. Foaming with foam improves the already high thermal insulation and increases the economy of the house. Inside the building, you can also use wall panels, particle board, fiberboard, plaster, wallpaper, painting - anything you like.

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