Colors of metal Monterrey

Great popularity recently inbuilding uses metal. This it owes its resemblance to ceramic tiles, which many people like so much to use to upgrade old ones and install new roofs. In addition, the metal tile is presented in a wide range of colors, texture and shape. Although this often makes it difficult for those who do not know much about the construction industry. Moreover, the choice of metal roofing for the roof is desirable from the first time done correctly, as the material itself, and the work on its laying is quite expensive. The biggest problem is the choice of the color of the metal tile.

Colors of metal tile
The stores offer a wide range ofdifferent colors and shades. Of course, the choice of the buyer depends on personal taste and preferences. There are no standards in what color is worse or better. But nevertheless there are useful recommendations, considering which, it will be possible to remain for a long time contented with the right choice. If the colors of the metal tile are dark, it will burn out faster in the sun, if light shades are chosen, it will manifest to a lesser degree. Also, the uniformity of burnout depends on the quality of the coating. When the stains burn out, you must always contact the seller to exchange the purchase under warranty. The most popular is red and chocolate-brown metal. These colors are 50 and 30 percent respectively more popular than the rest.

If we talk about the model range and technical anddecorative solutions, then a huge demand uses metal Monterrey. Due to the harmonious combination of the width of the step and the height of the wave, it is the most universal and suitable for buildings made in different architectural styles. In private construction, cottage, in the construction of large-scale urban projects, the best choice - metal Monterrey. Colors and shades (more than 40) of this profile will help create a truly spectacular and beautiful image of the roof.

Metal Monterrey Colors
Among the advantages of metal Monterey firstyou can name the small size and weight of the sheets. Thanks to this, the supporting structure copes better with its work, and the construction remains strong and durable. Therefore, this material can be used for roofing or facing even very fragile and elegant buildings. In addition, this type of metal is easy to install and even to the amateur. The price is also moderate, despite the high quality of the material.

The durability of the Monterrey metal tile isone more advantage. She is not afraid of any thunderstorms, no rain, no fungus, no corrosion. High-strength zinc coating is able to protect the house from any weather surprises for many years. Considering the durability, the designers have created this metal profile quite attractive externally. The original and natural, deep colors of the Monterrey metal tile and their shades will satisfy the taste of any connoisseur of refinement. Without difficulty, you can create a classic dark maroon, and bright, screaming colors, a roof in the Art Nouveau style. And, regardless of the color scheme, the roof will look interesting and harmonious.

Metal tile color

Not only durability, small size and weightsheets, easy installation, affordable price and a variety of colors of Monterrey metal tiles make it so popular, but also its high environmental friendliness, and therefore safety and reliability. It is produced exclusively from natural, non-toxic materials, and it poses no threat to health or the environment.

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