Optimum depth of planting of potatoes

It is very important to plant potatoes in time.This greatly depends on the size of the harvested crop. The distance between bushes, rows and the depth of planting is important. The latter is defined as the distance from the top point of the tuber to the surface of the earth and depends on many factors:

  • way of planting;
  • the size of the tubers;
  • soil quality;
  • water regime.

Planting on the ridges

This is an ancient way of planting potatoes on heavysoils. On the treated area, along a tight cord, grooves are drilled at a distance of 70 cm. The depth of planting the potatoes into the ridges is from 5 to 10 centimeters. If fertilizer was not applied on the site, humus and ash (correspondingly half a shovel and a tablespoon) are added to the furrows, spreading them through 30 centimeters. Top potatoes are laid and covered with earth, forming a crest 10 cm high. Its width is 20 cm.

potato planting depth

As a result, the earth is at an altitude of 10 cm from the potatoes. This method is good because the tubers can be planted earlier, the beds quickly warm up, and the potatoes soon germinate.

It is also used in areas with a close groundwater table. The height of the crest there can reach 15 cm, while the depth of planting the potatoes is 6-8 cm.

After hilling, the height of the ridge approaches 30 cm. At the same time, the earth is removed from the rows between rows, and the water after the rain runs into the boundary.

Yield increases by a quarter. Harvest with this method of cultivation is easy and convenient. But land is harder, because you have to shovel a lot of land at the stage of planting.

Under the shovel

This is the easiest way.On the plowed field dig pits depth of 8-10 cm. Then put the potatoes and fall asleep with soil taken from the fossa of the next row. The distance between the bushes is 30 cm, between the rows - 70 cm. If it is reduced, there will be nothing to plant the plants.

The disadvantage of this method is the laterplanting and a short time between when the earth is still cold, and when it is already dry. In rainy weather, such plants are more often damaged by various diseases due to the fact that the tuber is in wet soil.

In rollers

Even more laborious process than on the crests.Since autumn, dig trenches, lay in them the remains of plants and weeds (without seeds), sawdust, cover with earth. Winter they get wet, and in the spring, with a rise in temperature, begin to pereprevat. In this case, heat is generated, which heats the earth. Remove the top layer of soil, stack the tubers and form a comb. The potatoes are at ground level, and they are covered by 8-10 cm. The yield in this way is increased by 45% in comparison with the "shovel" planting. Collect potatoes clean, not infected. It has good shelf life.

In containers

Very interesting, but at the same time laboriousmethod. Used in small areas. Of the building materials, the walls of the future container are being built. Width - up to a meter, height - from 30 to 50 cm. The length of them should be from north to south. Passages between the beds are wide, about 80 cm. Right in these boxes there will be a process of composting out of waste. The remains of grass, leaves, straw, sawdust are placed on the bottom. From above there is a layer of manure, compost or humus. All this is covered with earth taken from the aisle or elsewhere. The bed is ready for use. Bothering once, you can use it for many years. You just need to update the compost components.

what is the depth of planting potatoes

The tubers are planted in two rows in staggered order.This makes it possible to evenly illuminate plants, which increases their yield. It is two or even three times more than with the traditional method of cultivation. And how much pride you will experience, showing your friends a miracle-garden!

To look after potatoes in such a mini-gardeneasy and convenient. The soil does not need to be digested. It is enough to loosen to a depth of 7 cm. This will be the depth of planting the potatoes. You can plant very early. Do not need to hog. Lean low for care will not have to. Tubers do not become infected, clean, well stored.

It is used in areas with high peat content.

Under the black agrofiber

In this way, usually grown early varietiespotatoes. Prepare a bed. Cover it with agrofiber. Cut into it a criss-cross aperture length of 10 cm. The depth of the planting of potatoes is about 8 cm. In order to place it in the ground, a narrow scoop is chosen from the holes. Place tubers, fall asleep on top of the earth. Do not hump, because the moisture from under the bush does not evaporate due to the film. When it's time to harvest, the stems are cut, then they remove the film and take out the tubers.

This method accelerates the ripening of potatoes for a month.

Landing for a motorbike

Motor-blocks are increasingly used truck farmers.They greatly facilitate the carrying out of the main labor-intensive works in the garden. With their help they plow, loosen, cultivate the soil. A motoblock will also help in planting potatoes. To do this, install metal wheels with bushings and bipod. Adjust it to the middle spread. It is desirable to pass the first furrow as smoothly as possible.

depth of planting of potatoes

Putting the wheel of the motor-block near the edge of the receivedfurrows, pass second. The distance will be about 70 cm. If it turns out less or more - adjust the width of the spread of the wings. Stacked in the furrows of the tubers at a distance of 30 cm. The depth of planting of potatoes by the tiller is 10-12 cm.

Sprinkle the tubers with soil can be the same motor-block.For this, the wheels are changed to rubber ones and the bast wings are bred to the maximum distance. The wheel of the motoblock will go along potatoes, but the rubber will not damage it (if the shoots are small), and the wings will fill the furrow.

You can lay the potatoes after two passes of the motoblock. Then the width of the rows will be slightly less - from 55 to 60 cm.

Dutch technology for growing potatoes

Dutch varieties are by far the mostyielding. Therefore, they are trying to grow in different regions, where potatoes in general can grow. Ogorodniki began to pay attention to what the Dutch are using, what depth of planting of potatoes is maintained. The entire process is strictly prescribed, and it is impossible to move away from it in any direction, since this will negatively affect the yield.

It turns out that they pay the main attention to aeration of plant roots, that is, to improve air access to them.

To do this, use special millingaggregates. They very qualitatively produce loosening of the soil. When planting immediately poured a high comb, which is a tuber of potatoes. As a result, the depth of planting of potatoes by Dutch technology is slightly larger, about 15 cm.

depth of planting potatoes in the black earth

In the field treated in this manner, potatoes are arranged in two rows, the distance between which is up to 30 cm. Next is the row spacing of 1 m 20 cm. A technician walks on it, which cares for the plants.

Dependence on soil composition

If the soil is clayey, and even wet, notwarm, then deeply dig in the tubers does not make sense. Rostkam it will be difficult to get out of there. Therefore, the optimal depth of planting of potatoes for such soils should be 4-5 cm. Thus, early varieties for sale are planted, which are often covered with black agrobiol.

When the soil dries, the depth of embedding the potatoes during planting increases to 6-8 centimeters.

If the ground has warmed to a sufficient depth, it is well supplied with air, the tubers are deepened by 8-10 cm.

In light sandy loamy soil, the plant is planted 10-12 cm from the surface of the earth.

The depth of placement of potato tubers increases after hilling. It is carried out in order that the soil becomes more friable, the aeration is improved, the formation and growth of fruits is enhanced.

depth of planting potatoes in Dutch technology

Uplink is shown on heavy clay soils, where the planting was carried out early, and therefore shallow. As a result, the layer of the earth increases to a height of 4 to 6 centimeters.

If the climate is dry, there is little rain, oroften there are droughts, hilling is advised not to conduct. In such conditions, it can lead to loss of moisture residues and a decrease in yield. But then the tubers can come to the surface and turn green. Therefore, you can loosen the soil and plant the plants a few centimeters

The depth of planting potatoes in the Chernozem region depends on the readiness of the soil. In the warmed earth, the seedlings are deepened by 12-15 cm.

The easier the soil, the warmer and drier the climate, the deeper the tubers are laid and the less they grow.

In the middle band, first planted under a shovel or a motor-block, and then hills and receive, in fact, landing in the crest.

Large tubers are planted deeper than small ones.

There are many other interesting ways to grow potatoes. You can cover it with straw. In this case, the depth of planting the potatoes is 7 cm.

depth of planting potatoes in the crests

Straw is stacked two times: the first - after planting, a layer 10 cm high. Then, when the stems are growing, add more. In general, the protective layer reaches at least 25 cm. If it is smaller, the straw will not pereprevat, and the weeds will be able to break through it.

Growing in a barrel

This method is useful to those who have almost no personal plot, and to eat potatoes grown with their own hands, I want.

depth of potato placement during planting

In a barrel of any material or a tall boxpour into the bottom a layer of soil in 15 cm from above stack tubers with sprouts. When they rise to 5 cm, sprinkle them with another layer of earth and again wait for the appearance of sprouts. Filling in this way part of the barrel, so that only a third of the height remains, they stop pouring the soil. Watered, fed. Harvest is removed gradually, beginning with the top layer. You can get up to four buckets of potatoes from one barrel.

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