Polyurethane sealant. Description. Application area

One-component polyurethane sealant, asNormally, it is used, if necessary, to fasten, glue, seal metal, ceramics, brick, concrete and so on. The mixture is a high-quality compound with a high degree of resistance to corrosion, and when exposed to moisture it becomes even more durable. Often used sealant for a wooden house.

one-component polyurethane sealant
After applying the material to the surface of itcan be subjected to various treatments, including, paint and varnish. Polyurethane sealant glues the surface fast enough. In this regard, work with the material should be carried out taking into account the setting time. It should be noted that the use of the material implies compliance with certain safety rules. Do not allow the mixture to enter the exposed skin. Polyurethane sealant is available in sealed packaging. The material should not be stored at elevated temperature and humidity. On average, the shelf life of a closed package is about nine months. Material from the opened packaging is desirable to use immediately, because the polyurethane sealant quickly loses its useful properties.
polyurethane sealant

The material is a homogeneous viscous mass formed on the basis of resins. When interacting with moisture contained in the air, the polymerization of the compound occurs.

Features of the application of the material are determined byperformance characteristics. Among the basic qualities it is necessary to note efficiency in use, absence of shrinkage, processability of application, short term of hardening. Adhesive properties, as well as elasticity, strength, durability, maintainability are of no small importance. Polyurethane sealant can also be used at sufficiently low temperatures.

Operational properties of the material allowapply it everywhere. Particularly widely polyurethane sealant is used in construction for insulation of seams, double-glazed windows, with waterproofing of pools, installation of roofing coatings. In accordance with the method of use, the material can be produced in two forms.

On some surfaces, the material is applied inas a liquid mastic. At the same time, a highly elastic, waterproof membrane is formed on the surface, resistant to negative environmental factors: microorganisms, ultraviolet and other.

sealant for wooden house
A more viscous sealing compound is usedfor filling joints, joints, as well as sealing on the joints of these or other materials. Often, the formulations are also used to combine materials having significant differences in physical properties.

The main indicator when choosing a sealantis its hardness. Hardness in this case is the ability to resist penetration into the composition of another material. Thus, a sealant with an index of 15 is used for insulation of roofing joints, inter-panel joints, connecting units of prefabricated structures. The hardness level 25 allows the use of a material for insulation of joints, which for a long period will be influenced by water.

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