We design the interior of the hallway

The most interesting and at the same time difficult stagerepair is the interior design. The entrance hall is the very first room that opens to the view. Therefore, it is on this premises that the owners of the apartment will be judged. It is not so difficult to plan space, when there is almost no restriction, and "there is where to clear up." Creating an interior hallway is considered the most difficult process. After all, this part of the apartment in most cases has a minimum number of square meters.

interior design of the hallway

Consider the tips of designers for a small room.

Using some methods of visual illusions, specialists have learned to visually expand the space a little. It will be useful to use these tricks, creating an interior design of the hallway of the apartment.

This room in most rooms is sosmall, that at the same time several people are placed in it with difficulty. That is why it is recommended to occupy as little space as possible with furniture. It is necessary to think about its design before buying. It is necessary to avoid cumbersome cabinets and unnecessary mezzanines.

Interior design of the hallway is sometimes obvious and veryis simple. Slightly expand the room can be using light, using, for example, mirror inserts, through stained glass windows and miniature niches with illumination. Incredible miracles can create and decoration materials. You should completely abandon the dark and opaque tones. Volumetric plaster, stone or wood will "eat" the space and make the interior heavier. Flizelinovye and vinyl wallpaper will be the best option for wall decoration.

Play of light. Visually increase the space of the hallway, if you choose the right lighting. More interesting lighting design will be due to floor lamps, shelves and highlights of niches. Stained glass and mirrors, reflecting the lamps, also slightly "spread" the walls.

interior design of the hallway apartment

Ideal option would be such interior designhall, when the decoration of walls, floor and ceiling is made in one color scheme. It will be more correct to use pastel, white and beige shades. If you stop the selection on the suspended glossy ceiling, the room will seem bigger. In addition, you can slightly revitalize the room by making a few bright accents. Initially, it may seem that it will take away precious centimeters. But actually it is not. Built-in lamps and reflective light create a sense of height and visually expand the room.

Interior design of the hallway is worth starting with choosingfinishing the floor. If it is designed correctly, the room will also look more spacious. A good trick is a small way out of the hallway when finishing the floor. You can get a little hooked on the territory of adjoining rooms, for example, a living room and a kitchen. After all, unconsciously, at the entrance to the apartment, the size of the room is estimated when looking at the floor. That is why it is very important to expand it, at least visually.

interior design

Furniture. Creating an interior design of the hallway, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the room. If the room is made as a narrow small corridor, it is absolutely impossible to purchase bulky bulky furniture. For a variety of trash and seasonal things in this case will have to take a place in another room. For the hallway it is only necessary to choose the most necessary and concise furniture. Constructed heavy structures will only worsen the situation. It is quite acceptable option may be a small shelf for headgear and phone, as well as a hanger in the form of a plank. Also, do not clutter the interior with an abundance of various small details. In the hall room, the furniture of the closed type and the pendant will perfectly fit.

By following these tips, you will create a unique design.

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