Not everyone knows how to prepare clematis for winter

When looking at flowers, clematis is not even believed,that nature could create such splendor. It seems that the skilful artist painted them. Liana is able to extend a few meters in height and width, because clematis is successfully used for vertical gardening. He will cover the space, hiding the inhabitants of the hacienda from the curious neighbor's eyes. Hide blossoming liana and unsightly buildings. But in itself, she looks charming and captivates admiring glances.

how to prepare clematis for winter

The summer ends, half the autumn passes,comes time to shelter the flower for the winter. In this regard, you need to know how to prepare clematis for winter. First of all, we should remember which kind of plant is planted. After all, some of the blooms of next year will occur on a young growth, so it can not be cut off in any case. In the second group of plants the flowers will appear on lignified shoots, in them the unripened parts are removed.

clematis trim for the winter

The first group includes: Florinda, Patens, Lanuginoza. This group blooms twice a season - in July and late summer. Speaking about how to prepare clematis for the winter of this particular variety, it must be emphasized that the plants are slightly cut off after the first flowering. The old stems are shortened by a third or a quarter. Then in the fall on the bush there will be several more flowers, and clematis trim for the winter of this group will be faster. By mid-August, the bush will remain about 0.5 meters high. Before winter, it should be cut even shorter, leaving about 2-3 kidneys near the ground.

Clematis of the second group demonstrate theirflower abundance with the help of shoots this year. This is Vititsella, Jacquemane, Irtegryfolia. Buds bloom continuously from July to September. They are not cut off for the winter. How to prepare clematis for the winter of this group? First of all, it must be carefully removed from the supports. With its antennae, the vine holds on to them, so the tendrils carefully untwist or cut them off.

It is better to feed the plants of bothgroups potassium-phosphorus fertilizers, dissolved in water, taking a bucket of liquid for 30 grams of the same fertilizer. After such nutrition, the question of how to keep clematis in winter will not be so acute. After all, these fertilizing will increase the resistance of plants to frost, contribute to a blooming in the next year.

Clematis warming begins in October, whenthe air temperature will drop to 0 or -3 ° C. The near-trunk circle of the plants of both groups is first shed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then the root neck is sprinkled with peat 15-20 cm. In diameter, a mound of half a meter will be obtained. Clematis can not stand the stagnation of water, and such a construction will allow thawed snow not to linger and to drain faster.

how to keep clematis in winter

If the gardener is not sure which group his plant belongs to, then it is not necessary to short-cut it. The whip is removed from the supports and laid directly on the ground. Peat root neck necessarily sprinkled.

Knowing how to prepare clematis for winter is no longer soIt is difficult to prune the bush or remove lianas from the supports with subsequent insulation. In this form, the plants will be well tolerated by frosts, and in the middle of summer they will be presented with large flowers of extraordinary beauty.

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