Low-growing tomatoes Apparently invisible

Any gardener dreams of large fleshytomatoes, from which you can not only squeeze out the juice, but it's nice to eat them with pleasure in its raw form. As a rule, large fruits can be found in tall tomatoes, which require a lot of effort to tie stems to supports or trellises. In the store you can find the seeds of large-bodied, low-growing tomato variety Apparently invisible from the well-known manufacturer - the company "Siberian Garden".

General information about the variety

apparently invisibly

Tomato Apparently invisibly received thiseloquent title. This early-ripening high-yielding variety of domestic selection is suitable for cultivation both in open and in closed ground. This tomato with round, smooth, dense large fruits, the mass of which often reaches 300 g, is short. Its thick, sturdy stems are able to withstand a sufficiently large mass of fruits without additional supports. In the case when the harvest is very large and there is a possibility that the bush can break under their weight, it is better to tie it to the trellis or other solid support.

Features of the variety

Tomato Apparently invisible, reviews about which inthe overwhelming majority testify to the good yield and increased resistance of the plant to fungal and other diseases of tomatoes, has not been sufficiently estimated by truck farmers. Even when grown outdoors, the bush forms up to 15 fruits on the main stem. The first brush appears already above the 4 sheet. Then they are formed further through 1 leaflet. This ability distinguishes this tomato from many other low-growing varieties. After the formation of several brushes, the growth of the main stem is usually stopped. To obtain additional crops, you can stop pasynkovat tomato. Due to new young shoots, you can get a few more fruits. With good care from one bush of tomatoes Visibly invisible, you can collect up to 5 kg of harvest.

tomato apparently invisible reviews


Tomatoes Apparently-invisibly have a pleasant pinkcoloring. They are round in shape, smooth. These dense fruits are not prone to cracking. Their flesh has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. Fruits, due to their density, can be stored for a long time without losing their consumer qualities. This tomato is suitable both for consumption in raw form, and for processing on juice or paste.

Agrotechnics of cultivation

Seeds of tomato Visibly invisibly sown inprepared trays with a nutrient substrate about 2 months before the proposed landing in the ground or a greenhouse. As a rule, this procedure is carried out in March. The most optimal temperature for germination of seeds is +23 ... + 25 ° С. Seedlings dive in stage 2 of the first leaflets. It is best to plant young plants in separate cups, which, when planted in the ground, will help prevent additional trauma to the root system. Plant tomatoes in a well-warmed soil in small holes at a rate of 3 bush per 1 sq. Km. m. Seedlings do not need to be too deep in the soil, since this plant already has a limited growth. After planting tomatoes, the soil around the wells is compacted and well watered.

tomatoes apparently invisible

In a growing plant with the help of pasynkovaniyaa bush is formed in one or two stems. Most often the height of tomatoes Apparently-invisibly does not exceed 80 cm. This variety of tomatoes reacts well to regular watering. The plant needs regular fertilizing with complex fertilizers. Flowering begins in July-August. To accelerate the process of germination of seeds, to improve the plant and improve tying, you can use special plant growth stimulants. When growing tomatoes you need to regularly weed and loosen the soil. For faster ripening of fruits, it is necessary to collect ripe tomatoes in a timely manner.

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