We choose children's furniture for the room

The choice of children's furniture should be suitable withresponsibility and seriousness of intention. From your choice depends not only the interior of the room, but also the health of the child. If the house has more than one child, then it is necessary to take into account the interests of both children, as well as age and gender. Even a small age difference involves choosing furniture for each child individually.

External safety features can betalk endlessly, because Depending on the age of the child, these or other things can become dangerous. For example, the furniture for such furniture should be made of reliable materials that do not tear off and do not peel off. Otherwise, these details can be swallowed by a small child. It is best if the hardware will be fastened with a special fastener, which can not be unscrewed or broken off. The reliability of all components of furniture depends on its safety for the child.

The main items of the interior of the children's room are the following furniture:

- beds

- Desktop for schoolchildren

- small table for babies



- Shelves and shelves for different purposes

- cases of various purposes from clothes to books

- mirror

- Various sports equipment (Swedish wall, horizontal bar).

All interior items should be made ofNatural materials, such as natural wood (birch, oak, aspen, spruce). Paintwork products must have all safety certificates that confirm the absence of harmful fumes into the environment. When ordering furniture, do not forget about the health of the spine, which depends directly on the quality of the mattress for the bed and chair, on which the child will sit while taking lessons at a writing or computer desk.

Another important criterion for choosing furniturefor the nursery is its functional component. The less furniture in the room, the better. That is why the ideal option will be the selection of furniture according to individual sizes to order. Built-in modular cabinets can solve several problems at once. The room should have enough space to ensure that the child does not feel cramped and he does not have to leave the room in order to relax from the too bright colors used in decorating the room. It is recommended when using the room to use pastel colors and only one of the items of such furniture, for example, a bed, can become a subject of attention. This can be achieved by choosing a bed with an unusual design.

It should also be understood that the child is growing, andthe circle of his interests will gradually expand, filling with more information and people. With the advent of your child's friends in the house, it becomes necessary to place them in his room and therefore it is important that among the children's furniture there is a transformable furniture. For example, it can be a sofa chair or a sofa bed that can easily be folded. This will save space in the room and at the same time teach the child a rational attitude to his personal space.

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