Composting toilet - it's clean and comfortable in the house

Compost plays a significant role in the organizationorganic farming, and is the most affordable, cheap, high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer on earth. Composting (or ripening of compost) occurs in the process of organic decomposition, as a result of which organic waste is converted into water vapor, carbon dioxide and humus. The resulting humus is a useful fertilizer for most plants.

Composting toilet - what is it?

The principle of action of a compost (dry) dry closetbased on partial or complete recycling. A complete cycle allows you to get a ready (mature) product. Partial cycle provides this feature: the existing mass from the toilet must be moved to a compost pile or compost for ripening. A mature compost can then be used to fertilize agricultural land.

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One person produces about 500 kg per yearwaste. Fifty kilograms of this amount are solid waste and 450 kg are liquid waste. They contain nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and micronutrients.
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Composting toilet, reviews about which onlypositive, serves as an ecological substitute for the familiar toilet (water closet) with the available sewerage, running water. In a common toilet, tap water is used in a large amount, the cleaning process is very expensive and difficult. In a compost toilet such as Kekkila, there is absolutely no need for water to flush waste and there is no cost for utilities. It is much easier to install and use than traditional. You can easily install it yourself.
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Biolan Icelett is the new toiletmodel of similar products produced by Biolan, it differs from other models in ecological purity. To ensure its operation, only the presence of electricity is required. The principle of Biolan Icelett is based on the freezing of waste to a temperature of -15 degrees.

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The toilet is equipped with a compressor, whichregulates the temperature. The product has a main switch. In the tank-bucket ecological packages for biological waste and garbage are laid. The contents of the toilet together with the package are placed in a composter, where the waste is returned to the natural cycle of nature. Install the toilet in a heated room on a flat surface in a strictly horizontal position. It is not recommended to mount such a toilet on heated floors. The recommended room temperature is 10-22ºC.

Biolan Icelett dry composting toilet does not requireuse of peat filler, it is enough to add it during the subsequent composting. This unit empties as it is filled, which depends on the frequency of use.

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Composting toilet can be installed asinside the room, and in a stand-alone booth. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account its intended location (whether it will be used as the main location or as an auxiliary one, on the site or in the house), as well as the number of people using this product.

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