Metal Tile "Monterrey" - characteristics, features and reviews

Metal Monterrey, specificationswhich will be discussed below, is one of the most common roofing materials. The most important parameters are the exact dimensions of the sheet, the multilayered structure, and the presence of a special protective coating, which extends the service life.


metal tile monterrey specifications

This metal has become almost classic today.It maximally repeats the shape of ceramic tiles. Inside there is a galvanized strong steel, which is reinforced with a polymer. The material is used to restore the roof of historic buildings, repair damaged areas, as well as the installation of roofs of modern houses.

Canvas metal "Monterrey"the characteristics of which will be useful to read before buying the product, consists of many layers. To protect the steel cloth, it is coated on both sides with a special compound. Each layer has a specific function. On top is a mounting protective film that covers the polymer layer. Next is the priming coat, and then - an anticorrosive coating, behind which is a layer of zinc and a steel sheet. From the bottom, it is covered with another primer and protective varnish, as well as an anti-corrosion coating and a layer of zinc.

Additional qualities

metal tile monterrey technical characteristics

Substantial material loads are capable ofdue to the presence of an inner layer. On each side the sheet is covered with aluminum and galvanized, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion. As for the soil, it has high adhesion characteristics, which is why the paint sticks to the metal more firmly. On the front side there is a polymer that not only protects the shingles, but also makes it more durable, and also resistant to adverse conditions. From the inside there is a varnish layer, which guarantees additional protection.


metal tile monterrey specifications guest

Characteristics of metal Monterreybe sure to consider before purchasing this material. Among others, it is necessary to distinguish the thickness of the metal sheet, which is determined by state standards. This value for metal tiles is in the range from 0.4 to 0.6 mm.

In the production process,cold rolled rolled steel, and the sheets are formed with the help of a roll forming machine. The thickness variation is not allowed. A protective polymeric layer is applied before the tile acquires a wavy form. The polymer layer creates a barrier to corrosion and sun rays, while the material does not lose its color for a long time. The surface is less destroyed, and in the summer and cold periods the canvases are not exposed to negative influences.

Polymer coating is made on the basis ofone of the most common polymers, among them polyester, which is applied at a thickness of 25 microns. The basis is polyester paint, which protects against mechanical damage and corrosion. With regard to matt polyester, then its application is carried out with a thickness of 35 microns. Appearance is exquisite, the material acquires a special resistance to weather fluctuations.

What else is important to pay attention to?

metal tile monterrey technical characteristics

Such a metal Monterrey, characteristicswhich is presented in the article, is suitable for any climate. Plastisol - a coating of PVC, it is applied to a thickness of up to 200 microns. As a result, it is possible to obtain a surface that is resistant to ultraviolet, chemical and mechanical damage, as well as corrosion. The polyurethane coating is a pural, it is applied to a layer of up to 50 microns and transfers temperature jumps. The resulting colors are resistant to corrosion by almost 100%.

Additional technical characteristics

metal tile monterrey guest 24045 specifications

The described material is characterized by high flexibilityand strength, which simplifies the installation process. In the market you can find three options for metal. For example, Monterrey has a sheet width of 118 cm. With regard to the pitch of the wave and the height of the profile, these parameters are 35 cm and 3.9 cm.

Metal tile "Supermonterrey" has such athe width of the sheet, the pitch of the wave remains the same, but the height of the profile is 4.6 cm. The metal tile in the Maxi version has a wave pitch of 40 cm. The profile height is 4.6 cm. The overall width remains the same.

Metal Monterrey, technicalthe characteristics of which should be known not only to the professional, but also to the ordinary consumer, has a zinc coating. It can have different thicknesses. The higher this parameter, the higher the anticorrosive properties. The material is highly frost-resistant, it is able to undergo temperatures ranging from -40 to +110 ° C. At the same time, the webs do not exfoliate and are not covered by cracks. The coating does not burn out, which is especially important under the influence of sunlight.

Fastening of sheets is carried out by screws,the flow of which per square meter reaches 8 pieces. Metal tile is available for sale in 40 different shades. This allows you to equip the roof for the most complex architectural structure.

Positive reviews

metal monterrey lux specifications

Consumers choose the described roofing material for a variety of factors, among them:

  • hardness;
  • ability to repel moisture;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light;
  • long service life.

Buyers emphasize that they are preliminarilystudy the characteristics of metal Monterrey. GOST in the production process is observed, so the material is excellent for a roof that repels water well. Through the protective layer of the polymer, ultraviolet does not penetrate. The temperature fluctuations, as the buyers emphasize, do not harm the metal tile. It does not crack from frost and does not lose its appearance from the heat.

Through the polymer layers, corrosion hardly penetrates.The life of the coating can reach 50 years. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to study the technical characteristics of the Monterrey metal roofing. GOSTs of this material will be mentioned below. Having familiarized with them, you can understand that the material described has high quality characteristics. Cloths have a low weight, so do not give a special load to the rafters. This indicates that there is no need to use a reinforced rafter system. Consumers also say that the material saves time and money.

Technical characteristics and features of Monterrey Lux

metal tile monterrey luxury reviews

Considering varieties of metal"Monterrey", you should pay special attention to the paintings under the brand name "Lux," the weight of 1 square meter which is 4.5 kg. The wave pitch is 350 mm, the thickness of the steel can vary between 0.4 and 0.5 mm. As for the height of the profile, it is equivalent to 24 mm. It is important to take into account the overall dimensions: the width of the sheet is 1190 mm. Its length can be equal to the limit from 0.5 to 8 m. The useful width of the sheet is 1100 mm.

Metal Monterrey Lux, technicalthe characteristics of which should be read before purchasing the material, has a fairly wide range of sizes. In addition, the consumer has the opportunity to choose the profile wave length. The sheets are as close as possible to each other, while the joints are almost invisible. Too much overlap should not be. Among other things, the canvases have a cornice groove. Due to the fact that the height of the profile is small, with the help of the described metal roof, almost any roof format can be realized, these can be smooth or clear lines, while the strength and reliability of the roof structure remain at a high level.

Metal Monterrey Lux, reviews aboutwhich should help you make the right choice, is made with several coating options, which provides a huge range of shades and colors. This material most accurately repeats the appearance of traditional tiles, which makes the coating an ideal tool for creating a classic image of low-rise buildings and houses.


Experts recommend to studycharacteristics of metal Monterrey. GOST 24045 (more precisely, 24045-94) will allow to understand this. Having become acquainted with it, you can learn that this roofing material has a high degree of frost resistance and perfectly undergoes exposure to sunlight.

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