Zoning space - sliding room partitions

The redevelopment of the premises is always connected withthe desire to organize space in such a way as to save the available square meters. Ordinary walls with doorways, as a rule, can not solve such a problem. Cumbersome partitions of foam blocks or bricks are concealed several meters in the room, which is especially noticeable in apartments or small houses.

Sliding room partitions - beautifulalternative to blind walls. Made of a variety of building materials, they are able to transform the room and make it more ergonomic. Such a design solution allows you to significantly save space and give the entire interior of weightlessness and ease.

sliding partitions

Advantages of room dividers

Many are inclined to confuse door-compartments and room partitions. Sliding doors occupy only the opening in the wall, while the partitions extend from one wall to the opposite, from the floor to the ceiling.

The main advantagesliding partitions, lightness and durability. They are made of wood and aluminum profile, characterized by practicality and ease of installation.

In addition, interior partitions can beto install absolutely in any room. The real salvation they are for a small apartment, where often it is necessary to divide one room into several zones, which need to be adapted for different needs. Without disturbing the harmony of the interior, this design will separate the sleeping area from the living room or help create a working space. By the way, to create the latest sliding room partitions are widely used in offices. Most often these are small stationary partitions. All parts of the device move on the rollers, which ensures a silent folding of the structure.

room partitions sliding

Modern sliding partition wallshave excellent soundproofing properties and meet all fire safety requirements. In addition, the manufacturing technology allows you to create the most unusual designs that visually increase space. Made of a transparent material (glass or plastic), sliding partitions do not interfere with the penetration of natural light.

Types of interior partitions

Technical solutions, allowing to implement the mostunusual ideas zoning space is a set. The most popular option is a wooden frame with glass. Made of solid oak or beech, such designs perfectly fit into the classic interior. The natural nobility of the tree creates a unique entourage, bringing comfort and warmth into the living room or dining room.

sliding partitions

For a modern interior as aInterior frames are suitable for frames made of aluminum. By their design, they are no different from wooden, but they are much inferior in weight and thickness of the frames. Advantage of aluminum partitions is their increased resistance to moisture. Due to this property, they are used in wet rooms.

Known also for their unique deviceframeless partitions. For their manufacture, a special safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm is used. Like other interior partitions, they can open both along the wall and "sink" into it. This design is elegant, and drawings applied over the glass surface can continue the design idea of ​​the entire interior.

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